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Routledge Textbooks in Policy Studies

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This series provides high-quality textbooks and teaching materials for upper-level courses on all aspects of public policy as well as policy analysis, design, practice and evaluation. Each text is authored or edited by a leading scholar in the field and aims both to survey established areas and present the latest thinking on emerging topics.

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Designing Public Policies Principles and Instruments

Designing Public Policies: Principles and Instruments

3rd Edition

By Michael Howlett
December 22, 2023

The third edition of this highly regarded book provides a concise and accessible introduction to the principles and elements of policy design in contemporary governance. It examines in detail the range of substantive and procedural policy instruments that together comprise the toolbox from which ...

The Policy Design Primer Choosing the Right Tools for the Job

The Policy Design Primer: Choosing the Right Tools for the Job

1st Edition

By Michael Howlett
April 29, 2019

The Policy Design Primer is a concise and practical introduction to the principles and elements of policy design in contemporary governance. Guiding students through the study of the instruments used by governments in carrying out their tasks, adapting to, and altering their environments, this book...

Policy Styles and Policy-Making Exploring the Linkages

Policy Styles and Policy-Making: Exploring the Linkages

1st Edition

Edited By Michael Howlett, Jale Tosun
November 05, 2018

Richardson et al.’s respected and seminal Policy Styles in Western Europe (1982) shed valuable light on how countries tend to establish long-term and distinctive ways to make policies that transcend short-term imperatives and issues. This follow-up volume updates those arguments and significantly ...

The Public Policy Primer Managing the Policy Process

The Public Policy Primer: Managing the Policy Process

2nd Edition

By Xun Wu, M. Ramesh, Michael Howlett, Scott A. Fritzen
September 19, 2017

Fully revised for a second edition, this essential guide provides a concise and accessible overview of the public policy process: agenda-setting, policy formulation, decision-making, implementation, and evaluation. The book provides an introduction to the key policy functions, the challenges they ...

Public Policy and Private Interest Ideas, Self-Interest and Ethics in Public Policy

Public Policy and Private Interest: Ideas, Self-Interest and Ethics in Public Policy

1st Edition

By J.A. Chandler
December 20, 2016

Public Policy and Private Interest explains the complexities of the policy making process in a refreshingly clear way for students who are new to this subject. The key topics it explains are: How policy originates, is refined, legitimised, implemented, evaluated and terminated in the forms of ...

Analyzing Public Policy

Analyzing Public Policy

2nd Edition

By Peter John
March 07, 2012

The fully revised and updated new edition of this textbook continues to provide the most accessible overview of the main approaches in the study of public policy. It seeks to review the most common and widely used frameworks in the study of policy analysis: institutions groups and networks ...

Making Policy Work

Making Policy Work

1st Edition

By Peter John
April 06, 2011

Many tools are on offer to politicians and other policy-makers when they seek to change policy outcomes. Often they choose to concentrate on one set of tools, but fail to see the costs as well as the benefits – and may not consider the available evidence regarding their effectiveness. This ...

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