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Voice is everywhere. It is a medium of personal communication, central to technology, and a touchstone in discussions of identity, psychological development, and language acquisition. It offers aesthetic pleasure through the arts, act as a metaphor for authorial, feminist or subaltern voices, or be an umbrella term in politics, activism and religion as “the voice the people” is heard or silenced. Non-human or posthuman voices invite us to listen to animal voices, interactive voice recognition systems, and vocal synthesis effected in robotics labs. How do we account for these many versions, or ideas, about voice? How can something so transient and complex be discussed from a scholarly perspective? How might we move beyond current concepts of the voice in performance studies?

The Routledge Voice Studies series offers an exciting platform to interrogate these questions. Understanding voice as studies as a shifting landscape of questions and concerns, this series builds on current initiatives, seeking to expand and capitalise on the productive debates taking place in the areas of music, theatre, and performance studies, as well as cultural studies, ethnomusicology, sound studies, acoustics and acoustemology. Of equal interest are discussions happening in psychology, fine art, poetics and orality studies, linguistics, media and film studies, robotics and artificial intelligence, history and philosophy, translation and adaptation studies, among others.

To that end, we are delighted to include a variety of formats in the series. We are equally interested in monographs, themed edited collections, student-focused anthologies and sourcebooks, revised and expanded editions of classic texts, and inter-medial and multimedial outputs. These varied structures will attract both practitioners and scholars as contributors, and find a readership among established and emergent researchers, students and artists in the rich and provocative area of interdisciplinary voice studies. We hope you enjoy this fascinating journey with us.

Series editors: Dr Konstantinos Thomaidis and Dr Ben Macpherson

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Staging Voice

Staging Voice

1st Edition

By Michal Grover-Friedlander
January 29, 2024

Staging Voice is a unique approach to the aesthetics of voice and its staging in performance. This study reflects on what it would mean to take opera’s decisive attribute—voice—as the foundation of its staged performance. The book thinks of staging through the medium of voice. It is a nuances ...

Voice as Art From Theatre to Forensics

Voice as Art: From Theatre to Forensics

1st Edition

By Richard Couzins
September 25, 2023

Voice as Art considers how artists have used human voices since they became reproducible and entered art discourse in the twentieth century. The discussion embeds artworks using voices within historical and theoretical contexts in a comparative overview arguing that reproduction caused increased ...

Beethoven and the Lyric Impulse Essays on Beethoven Song

Beethoven and the Lyric Impulse: Essays on Beethoven Song

1st Edition

By Amanda Glauert
May 06, 2022

Amanda Glauert revisits Beethoven’s songs and studies his profound engagement with the aesthetics of the poets he was setting, particularly those of Herder and Goethe. The book offers readers a rich exploration of the poetical and philosophical context in which Beethoven found himself when ...

Somatic Voices in Performance Research and Beyond

Somatic Voices in Performance Research and Beyond

1st Edition

Edited By Christina Kapadocha
April 29, 2022

Somatic Voices in Performance Research and Beyond brings together a community of international practitioner-researchers who explore voice through soma or soma through voice. Somatic methodologies offer research processes within a new area of vocal, somatic and performance praxis. Voice work and ...

Owning Our Voices Vocal Discovery in the Wolfsohn-Hart Tradition

Owning Our Voices: Vocal Discovery in the Wolfsohn-Hart Tradition

1st Edition

By Margaret Pikes, Patrick Campbell
December 31, 2020

Owning Our Voices offers a unique, first-hand account of working within the Wolfsohn-Hart tradition of extended voice work by Margaret Pikes, an acclaimed voice teacher and founder member of the Roy Hart Theatre. This dynamic publication fuses Pikes’ personal account of her own vocal journey as a ...

The Performative Power of Vocality

The Performative Power of Vocality

1st Edition

By Virginie Magnat
December 11, 2019

The Performative Power of Vocality offers a fresh perspective on voice as a subject of critical inquiry by employing an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach. Conventional treatment of voice in theatre and performance studies too often regards it as a subcategory of actor training, ...

Training Actors' Voices Towards an Intercultural/Interdisciplinary Approach

Training Actors' Voices: Towards an Intercultural/Interdisciplinary Approach

1st Edition

By Tara McAllister-Viel
August 06, 2018

Contemporary actor training in the US and UK has become increasingly multicultural and multilinguistic. Border-crossing, cross-cultural exchange in contemporary theatre practices, and the rise of the intercultural actor has meant that actor training today has been shaped by multiple modes of ...

Composing for Voice Exploring Voice, Language and Music

Composing for Voice: Exploring Voice, Language and Music

2nd Edition

By Paul Barker, Maria Huesca
March 28, 2018

Composing for Voice: Exploring Voice, Language and Music, Second Edition, elucidates how language and music function together from the perspectives of composers, singers and actors, providing an understanding of the complex functions of the voice pedagogically, musicologically and dramatically. ...

Voice Studies Critical Approaches to Process, Performance and Experience

Voice Studies: Critical Approaches to Process, Performance and Experience

1st Edition

Edited By Konstantinos Thomaidis, Ben Macpherson
May 27, 2015

Voice Studies brings together leading international scholars and practitioners, to re-examine what voice is, what voice does, and what we mean by "voice studies" in the process and experience of performance. This dynamic and interdisciplinary publication draws on a broad range of approaches, from ...

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