1st Edition

Somatic Voices in Performance Research and Beyond

Edited By Christina Kapadocha Copyright 2021
    280 Pages 12 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    280 Pages 12 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Somatic Voices in Performance Research and Beyond brings together a community of international practitioner-researchers who explore voice through soma or soma through voice. Somatic methodologies offer research processes within a new area of vocal, somatic and performance praxis. Voice work and theoretical ideas emerge from dance, acting and performance training while they also move beyond commonly recognized somatics and performance processes. From philosophies and pedagogies to ethnic-racial and queer studies, this collection advances embodied aspects of voices, the multidisciplinary potentialities of somatic studies, vocal diversity and inclusion, somatic modes of sounding, listening and writing voice.

    Methodologies that can be found in this collection draw on:

    • eastern traditions
    • body psychotherapy-somatic psychology
    • Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method
    • Authentic Movement, Body-Mind Centering, Continuum Movement, Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy
    • Fitzmaurice Voicework, Linklater Technique, Roy Hart Method
    • post-Stanislavski and post-Grotowski actor-training traditions
    • somaesthetics

    The volume also includes contributions by the founders of:

    • Shin Somatics, Body and Earth, Voice Movement Integration
    • SOMart, Somatic Acting Process

    This book is a polyphonic and multimodal compilation of experiential invitations to each reader’s own somatic voice. It culminates with the "voices" of contributing participants to a praxical symposium at East 15 Acting School in London (July 19–20, 2019). It fills a significant gap for scholars in the fields of voice studies, theatre studies, somatic studies, artistic research and pedagogy. It is also a vital read for graduate students, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.


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    Foreword: A phonotechnics of vocal somaticity: An autobiophonic note

    Konstantinos Thomaidis

    Introduction: Somatic voice studies

    Christina Kapadocha

    Part I

    Vocalities in somatic studies

    1 Three somatic processes to voice through movement: Breath, exploration, imagery

    Barbara Sellers-Young

    2 Awakening grace: Embodied awareness in vocal training

    Andrea Olsen

    3 Never just the body: Etudes between voice and dance

    Sondra Fraleigh

    4 On Voice Movement Integration (VMI) practice by Patricia Bardi: Awakening resonance in

    the moving body

    Patricia Bardi interviewed by Christina Kapadocha

    Part II

    Voicework, somatics and the diverse self

    5 In front of me: Fitzmaurice Voicework® as transformative practice

    Ellen Foyn Bruun

    6 Somatic training and resources for body-mind-voice integration: When stage fright "comes to


    Leticia Santafé and Pablo Troccoli

    7 Voicing with awareness: An introduction to the Feldenkrais method

    Stephen Paparo

    8 My body is a map, my voice is the path: (Trans)racialized somaticities and Roy Hart voice


    Amy Mihyang Ginther

    Part III

    Vocal and somatic listening in training

    9 (Re)considering the role of touch in "re-educating" actors’ body/voice

    Tara McAllister-Viel

    10 Organic voice: Vocal integration through actor training

    Christina Gutekunst

    11 Dreaming voice: A dialogue

    Ilona Krawczyk and Ben Spatz

    12 Somatic logos in physiovocal actor training and beyond

    Christina Kapadocha

    Part IV

    Beyond the somatic in performance research

    13 Mapping the burden of vocality: French seventeenth-century vocal lamentations,

    Japanese meditation and somatic intra-action

    Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano

    14 Intensive interaction: A lesson on queered voicing from children with learning disAbilities

    Yvon Bonenfant

    15 Vocal resonance and the politics of intercorporeality

    Anita Chari

    16 The somaesthetic in-between: Six statements on vocality, listening and embodiment

    Ben Macpherson

    Part V

    Beyond this book

    17 Beyond our somatic voices

    Christina Kapadocha



    Christina Kapadocha (PhD) is a Lecturer in Theatre and Movement at East 15 Acting School. She is a London-based theatre and somatic practitioner-researcher and founder of Somatic Acting Process®. Her current practice research and publications introduce new discussions on the somatic in theatre and performance studies.

    "Traditional voice and somatic boundaries are challenged in this diverse and inclusive collection of interdisciplinary essays edited by Christina Kapadocha. As a collection, it focuses on voice research explored through performance and practice with a few chapters guiding broader pedagogical concerns. This collection, embracing both theory and praxis from an academic perspective, will likely be of interest to graduate students, researchers, teachers, philosophers, and anyone seeking to explore established and emerging somatic methodologies integrating voice." —Michele Capalbo, Voice and Speech Review