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Routledge World Languages provides modern and up-to-date basic grammatical descriptions of understudied languages around the world, with particular attention to the minority, the endangered, and the extinct languages. Each volume contains a grammar sketch describing the structure (phonology, morphology, and syntax) or a relevant aspect of the structure of a single language. Grammar sketches should also include sociolinguistic and historical information to complement the overview of that language and one or more short texts analyzed morphemically. A word list or a basic vocabulary may also accompany a grammatical sketch. Contributions can come from a range of sources, including dissertations, field notes, and, in the case of extinct languages, reworkings of extant non-professional descriptions. For print volumes, our preference is up to 275 printed book pages.

Routledge World Languages is a peer-reviewed series. The publisher and its editor will collaborate with authors to ensure it is held to the highest standards. Authors are expected to write in English to reach a wider readership, to describe a language in its own terms rather than on the model of a well-known language or of some prestigious framework, to follow Leipzig glossing rules, and to use the IPA conventions or, when existing, the official spelling of the language described. Interested scholars should contact the series editor at [email protected]. For information on book proposals and publishing with Routledge, please see

The volumes of the Routledge World Languages are intended for a broad audience, including students and scholars of Documentary and Descriptive Linguistics, Linguistics Typology, Endangered Languages, and Anthropology, community languages teachers, and the general public. The series aims to give the reader an understanding of the diversity of historical-natural languages in general.

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1st Edition

By Chenlei Zhou
January 29, 2024

This book presents a description of the grammar of Zhoutun, an endangered Sinitic variety spoken by less than 1000 people in the Qinghai Province of northwest China. With vocabulary predominantly from Chinese and Tibetan syntax, Zhoutun is one of the Sinitic varieties most distant from Standard ...

Cheyenne An Analysis of Clause Linkage

Cheyenne: An Analysis of Clause Linkage

1st Edition

By Avelino Corral Esteban
July 31, 2023

Cheyenne: An Analysis of Clause Linkage provides a detailed description of Cheyenne syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, notably on its nominal and verbal system and in both simple and complex sentences. Based on fieldwork conducted on the Northern Cheyenne reservation, this book, which seeks to ...

Tondano (Toundano) A Grammar Sketch of an Endangered Minahasan Language

Tondano (Toundano): A Grammar Sketch of an Endangered Minahasan Language

1st Edition

By Timothy C. Brickell
December 30, 2022

This monograph is a grammatical description of Tondano, an endangered and under-documented Austronesian (AN) language spoken in the northern part of the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is a modified version of the related doctoral dissertation completed at La Trobe University, Bundoora, ...

South Picene

South Picene

1st Edition

By Raoul Zamponi
August 29, 2022

South Picene is the pre-Roman language spoken in the Adriatic sector of central Italy. This book presents a description of what we know about the structure of this language. South Picene is (together with Umbrian, Oscan, Latin, and Faliscan) one of the few members of the Italic branch of the ...

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