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SOAS/Routledge Studies on the Middle East

About the Series

This series features the latest disciplinary approaches to Middle Eastern Studies. It covers the Social Sciences and the Humanities in both the pre-modern and modern periods of the region. While primarily interested in publishing single-authored studies, the series is also open to edited volumes on innovative topics, as well as textbooks and reference works.

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Syria in World War I Politics, economy, and society

Syria in World War I: Politics, economy, and society

1st Edition

Edited By M. Talha Çiçek
December 22, 2015

The First World War quickly escalated from a European war into a global conflict that would cause fundamental changes in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Its end signalled the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, which had controlled most of the Arab Middle East. Over the wartime ...

The Kurds A Contemporary Overview

The Kurds: A Contemporary Overview

1st Edition

Edited By Philip G. Kreyenbroek, Stefan Sperl
May 07, 2015

The position of the 19 million Kurds is an extremely complex one. Their territory is divided between 5 sovereign states, none of which have a Kurdish majority. They speak widely divergent dialects, and are also divided by religious affiliations and social factors. It has taken the tragic and ...

Court Cultures in the Muslim World Seventh to Nineteenth Centuries

Court Cultures in the Muslim World: Seventh to Nineteenth Centuries

1st Edition

Edited By Albrecht Fuess, Jan-Peter Hartung
February 25, 2014

Courts and the complex phenomenon of the courtly society have received intensified interest in academic research over recent decades, however, the field of Islamic court culture has so far been overlooked. This book provides a comparative perspective on the history of courtly culture in Muslim ...

Ottoman Notables and Participatory Politics Tanzimat Reform in Tokat, 1839-1876

Ottoman Notables and Participatory Politics: Tanzimat Reform in Tokat, 1839-1876

1st Edition

By John Bragg
April 10, 2014

Focussing on events in the Anatolian town of Tokat during the final two decades of the great Ottoman legal and administrative reforms known as the Tanzimat (1839-76), this book applies elements of social networking theory to analyze and assess the establishment of local governments across the ...

State-Society Relations in Ba'thist Iraq Facing Dictatorship

State-Society Relations in Ba'thist Iraq: Facing Dictatorship

1st Edition

By Achim Rohde
March 27, 2014

Scholarship on Iraq under the Ba’th regime has traditionally focused on the rule of Saddam Hussein and his narrow inner circle. The centrality of the former president in Iraqi politics until spring 2003 and the tyranny of his regime were evident, and available sources concerning developments inside...

The City in the Ottoman Empire Migration and the making of urban modernity

The City in the Ottoman Empire: Migration and the making of urban modernity

1st Edition

Edited By Ulrike Freitag, Malte Fuhrmann, Nora Lafi, Florian Riedler
March 19, 2014

The nexus of urban governance and human migration was a crucial feature in the modernisation of cities in the Ottoman Empire of the nineteenth century. This book connects these two concepts to examine the Ottoman city as a destination of human migration, throwing new light on the question of ...

Nationalism and Liberal Thought in the Arab East Ideology and Practice

Nationalism and Liberal Thought in the Arab East: Ideology and Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Christoph Schumann
February 25, 2014

This book explores the complex relationship between nationalism and liberal thought in the Arab East during the first half of the twentieth century. Examining this formative period through reformist Islam, Arab secularism and Arab literature, the book situates major shifts in the political ...

Untold Histories of the Middle East Recovering Voices from the 19th and 20th Centuries

Untold Histories of the Middle East: Recovering Voices from the 19th and 20th Centuries

1st Edition

Edited By Amy Singer, Christoph Neumann, Selcuk Aksin Somel
February 25, 2014

Much traditional historiography consciously and unconsciously glosses over certain discourses, narratives, and practices. This book examines silences or omissions in Middle Eastern history at the turn of the twenty-first century, to give a fuller account of the society, culture and politics. With a...

Approaches to the Qur'an

Approaches to the Qur'an

1st Edition

Edited By G. R. Hawting
December 12, 2013

In recent years, the study of the Qur'an and its interpretation has expanded to incorporate insights gained from historical, biblical, literary and critical studies. A variety of approaches to the Qur'an and the Muslim exegetical tradition are currently available. Approaches to the Qur'an consists ...

Egypt Under Mubarak

Egypt Under Mubarak

1st Edition

Edited By Roger Owen, Charles Tripp
April 19, 1990

Egypt is one of the major powers in the Middle East. The vigour of its cultural life and the extent of its influence make it a force which cannot be ignored in the Arab world. Yet, despite the comparative confidence with which its rulers handle power, the country has a politically contradictory ...

Sudan After Nimeiri

Sudan After Nimeiri

1st Edition

Edited By Peter Woodward
September 20, 1991

At the end of 1984, Sudan shot into the headlines as a result of famines, floods, locusts, political instability and civil war. In describing the collapse of Sudan's state and economy, Sudan After Nimeiri emphasises the extent of the country's current predicament and explains the difficulty of ...

Late Ottoman Society The Intellectual Legacy

Late Ottoman Society: The Intellectual Legacy

1st Edition

By Elisabeth Özdalga
March 14, 2011

When the Ottomans commenced their modernizing reforms in the 1830s, they still ruled over a vast empire. In addition to today's Turkey, including Anatolia and Thrace, their power reached over Mesopotamia, North Africa, the Levant, the Balkans, and the Caucasus. The Sultanate was at the apex of a ...

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