1st Edition

Safety Design Criteria for Industrial Plants, Volume I

By Maurizio Cumo, Antonio Naviglio Copyright 1989
    280 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Ageneralization and rationalization of the main safety design criteria and safety analysis methodologies developed in nuclear aerospace and chemical engineering is presnted in two comprehensive volumes. The concepts of risk, damage and probability of hazardous events are introduced. Risks connected with the use of main harmful substances are quantitatively identified. The methods employed for the safety analyses are described, together with the methodologies for seismic analyses and for Probabilistic Risk Assessment. The main criteria for protection of plants from internal and external events are introduced and described. In addition, the problem of emergency planning is considered. This book is particularly intended for engineers working in the nuclear field, in chemical industries, in industrial plants, in fuel storages and with high-risk substances, as well as for engineers operating in licensing organizations and for inspectors.

    Volume I:
    The Technological Risk
    High Risk Plants
    Risk Identification
    Elements of Statistic and Event Analysis
    Risk Analysis as an Instrument of Design
    System Reliability Assessment via Sensitivity Analysis
    General Safety-Related Design Criteria
    Thermodynamic Damage Causes - Safety Analyses
    Chemical Damage Causes - Explosive Substances Management
    The Role of Instrumentation and Control
    Effluents Dispersion and Methods to Evaluate Their Effects
    Exposure Limitation in Normal Operating Conditions
    Exposure Limitation following Accidents: Siting and Emergency Planning


    Maurizio Cumo, Antonio Naviglio