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Safety and Reliability of Industrial Products, Systems and Structures

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ISBN 9780415663922
Published March 7, 2011 by CRC Press
472 Pages

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Book Description

Safety and Reliability of Industrial Products, Systems and Structures deals with risk assessment, which is a fundamental support for decisions related to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of industrial products, systems and infrastructures. Risks are influenced by design decisions, by the process of construction of systems and infrastructures, and by the way in which they are operated and maintained. The importance of all these aspects vary in the various phases and types of activities, and different methods have been developed to deal with them.

Risk analysis, structural reliability and human reliability analysis concentrate on different aspects that complement each other, and in many cases they can be considered separately. As a result of this, and of the different characteristics of the techniques, until today the respective specialists have had little interaction, and not enough efforts have been made to integrate methods. This book, the result of SAFERELNET, a thematic network of 67 organizations from industry, universities and research organizations from 18 countries, is a first attempt to overcome this. Since 2001, SAFERELNET has dealt with providing safe and cost-effective solutions for industrial products, systems, facilities and structures across different industrial sectors.

Safety and Reliability of Industrial Products, Systems and Structures covers all aspects of safety issues such as Risk Assessment Methodology; Human and Organisational Factors in Risk Assessments; Integration of Risk and Reliability Formulations; Reliability Based Design; Assessment of Existing Structures and Life Extension; Risk Based Inspection and Maintenance Planning, with a special focus on safety-critical systems in all types of industrial plants, equipment, structural systems, buildings and other civil engineering facilities. The book will be of interest to academia and engineers involved in industrial safety, structural reliability, quantified risk assessment and safety management.

Table of Contents

Project organizational structure

Framework documents
General framework for safety and reliability of industrial products, systems and structures, C. Guedes Soares
Framework for integrated risk assessment, E. Kragh, M.H. Faber & C. Guedes Soares
Framework for safety, security and sustainability risk management, A.G. Hessami
Framework for maintenance planning, C. Guedes Soares, J. Caldeira Duarte, Y. Garbatov, E. Zio & J.D. Sorensen
Framework for assessment and life extension of existing structures and industrial plants, Ch. Bucher, M. Brehm & H. Bolt

Risk assessment methodology
Risk acceptance criteria in Europe, V.M. Trbojevic
Acceptable safety levels by a socio-economic approach, R. Rackwitz
Risk assessment of natural hazards with applications to landslides and abnormal waves, P.H.A.J.M. van Gelder, F. Nadim & C. Guedes Soares
Efficient practice of risk assessment in design process, S. Medonos
Consequences of explosions in various industries, J. Czujko
Fire risk assessment in buildings, M. Holicky

Human and organisational factors in risk assessments
Techniques for human reliability evaluation, H. Bolt, J. Morris, M. Pedrali, P. Antao & C. Guedes Soares
Analysing the impact of human factors in transport systems, J. Drobiszewski & Z. Smalko
On projects’ and organizations’ performance uncertainty, Ove T. Gudmestad & R.R. Stoelsnes

Reliability based design
Overview of structural reliability methods, T. Vrouwenvelder & H. Karadeniz
Methods of structural reliability applied to design and maintenance planning of ship hulls
and floating platforms, C. Guedes Soares, Y. Garbatov & A.P. Teixeira
Discrete multicriteria reliability-based optimization of spatial trusses, S. Jendo & E. Silicka
Continuous and discrete reliability-based optimization of truss structures, R. Stocki, K. Kolanek, S. Jendo & M. Kleiber

Assessment of existing structures and life extension
Condition monitoring and remaining life assessment approach at the EDP Group, M.P. Gomes Maia
Reliability assessment of a primary school, M. Holicky & J. Markova
Seismic assessment and retrofitting of existing structures in Romania: Background, programs, regulatory basis, D. Lungu & I. Craifaleanu

Risk based inspection and maintenance planning
Maintenance optimization for structures by a renewal model, A. Joanni & R. Rackwitz
Maintenance modelling and optimization applied to safety-related equipment at nuclear power plants, S. Martorell, J.F. Villanueva, S. Carlos & A. Sanchez
Maintenance modeling and optimization applied to power distribution networks, R. Briš, S. Rusek & R. Goňo
Applications of probabilistic safety assessment for vulnerability analyses, M. Čepin
Two computational methods for performing availability analysis of power-systems, M. Bouissou & A.P. Ulmeanu
Production availability, J-P. Signoret
Application of reliability centred maintenance in ship operations, J. Wang, A. Pillay & A. Mokashi
Corrosion of steels in marine environment, monitoring and standards, M. Panayotova, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares

Strategy in the various industrial sectors
Application of safety and reliability approaches in the power sector: Inside-sectoral overview, K. Lauridsen, E. Hollo & I. Kozine
Risk-based approaches to maritime safety, C. Guedes Soares, A.P. Teixeira & P. Antao
Optimization of operational safety in tunnels, M. Holicky
Integrating QRA and SRA methods within a predictive Bayesian approach: An example from offshore projects, W. Rettedal & T. Aven

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