Salmonella deals with the common infectious disease, Salmonellosis, which is commonly foodborne and is easily spread in any kitchen. The source of the pathogenic organisms is frequently poultry and the organism is often spread in the kitchen from poultry to other foods. This book describes the organisms, paths of transmission, infection and its treatment, and the control of the spread of the disease. The book is written so that food handlers at all levels can readily understand the material included. The book will also be easily understood by the lay person who could find it useful in any kitchen. Salmonella is excellent as a text or supplementary reading for food technology classes and sanitation classes.

    1. The Salmonella 2. Taxonomy and Grouping of the Salmonella 3. Salmonellosis - The Infection 4. Control of Salmonella Spread 5. Antibiotic Sensitivity of Salmonella 6. Preventing the Contamination of Foods by Salmonella 7. Salmonella enteritidis in Eggs 8. Microbiological Methods for Detection of Salmonella Contamination


    Rufus K. Guthrie