1st Edition

Scholarly Podcasting Why, What, How?

By Ian M. Cook Copyright 2023
    242 Pages
    by Routledge

    242 Pages
    by Routledge

    Exploring what academic podcasting is and what it could be, this book is the first to consider the why, what, and how academics engage with this insurgent, curious craft.

    Featuring interviews with 101 podcasting academics, including scholars and teachers of podcasting, this book explores the motivations of scholarly podcasters, interrogates what podcasting does to academic knowledge, and leads potential podcasters through the creation process from beginning to end. With scholarship often trapped inside expensive journals, wrapped in opaque language, and laced with a standoffish tone, this book analyses the implications of moving towards a more open and accessible form.

    This book will also inform, inspire, and equip scholars of any discipline, rank, or affiliation who are considering making a podcast or who make podcasts with the background knowledge and technical and conceptual skills needed to produce high-quality podcasts through a reflexive critique of current practices.

    1. Introduction

    2. Why? Because It’s Insurgent




    3. What? A Curiosity Generator

    A Way of Asking

    A Form of Publishing

    A Mode of Knowledge Creation

    4. How? With Craft

    Create (an idea for podcasting)

    Listen (to loads of podcasts)

    Structure (the elements of your show)

    Develop (your series)

    Write (for the ear)

    Speak (with your voice to your audience)

    Interview (for tape)

    Record (words and other sounds)

    Edit (with flow)

    Find and Grow (your audience)

    Change (our scholarly practice)

    5. Annexes

    List of Podcasters Interviewed

    Course Podcast Assignment

    Scholarly Podcasting Tables


    Ian M. Cook is part of the Allegra Lab editorial collective.

    'Scholarly Podcasting: An Insurgent, Curious Craft reminds me of a quilt, lovingly stitched together from the scraps of over a hundred sources. The sources, in this case, are not threadbare shirts and bedsheets but academics who make podcasts, interviewed about why we podcast, what we podcast, and how we podcast. But the art of the book comes from the way the author has stitched these interviews together, letting resonant or discordant perspectives sit side by side and thus resisting a single, authoritative account of a still-emerging scholarly practice.'

    Hannah McGregor, Associate Professor, Co-Director of the Amplify Podcast Network

    'A fascinating and practical guide to why and how academics use podcasting to invigorate learning, spread knowledge to a much wider audience, and share the passion that made them scholars in the first place! The oral nature of the interviews is refreshing and relatable, and reflects the accessibility and intimacy that are such valued characteristics of the podcast medium.'

    Siobhán McHugh, award-winning podcaster and author of 'The Power of Podcasting: Telling Stories Through Sound'

    'What a resource. More than 100 pages of conversations related to academic podcasting. Ian did a great job of corroborating this nuanced insight for those who say podcasting is easy. The book, though focused on scholarly podcasts, highlights all of the layers that are necessary to have a near perfect podcast, which is applicable to anyone producing a podcast. Thanks a mil!'

    Kim Fox, Founder of PodFest Cairo, Executive producer of Ehky Ya Masr Podcast and Professor at the American University in Cairo

    'Drawn from the experience of exceptional roster of academics, Ian M. Cook’s synthesises a conceptually insightful and practically useful exploration of scholarly podcasting. Extensive quotations are thematically organised to explore podcasting’s pedagogic and research applications. His interviewees discuss how their scholarly identities are shaped through creative practice along with reflecting on podcasting’s potential disruption of text-based knowledge production and dissemination traditions. Scholarly Podcasting: Why, What, How? is an important addition to "podcast studies" research and is required reading for scholars wanting to enter the sound field of scholarly podcasting.'

    Dr Dario Llinares, The Cinematologists Podcast and The Podcast Studies Podcast.