2nd Edition

Scholarly Research in Music Shared and Disciplinary-Specific Practices

By Sang-Hie Lee Copyright 2022
    272 Pages 44 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    272 Pages 44 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Scholarly Research in Music: Shared and Disciplinary-Specific Practices, Second Edition offers a comprehensive and detailed guide to engaging in research in all disciplines of music. This second edition continues to provide the foundational principles of research for all musicians, including performers, theorists, composers, conductors, music educators, and musicologists. It strengthens the core pedagogical framework of the first edition by offering updated guidance on available technologies, methodologies, and materials.

    Driven by the rapidly shifting research paradigms within music, sixteen contributors expand the already broad scope of the book, with new chapters on research in today’s library, neurophenomenology in music, and self-efficacy in music performance, as well as new sections in chapters on philosophy, historical research, social science research, and statistics. Introducing research as a friendly and accessible process, the book engages students in brainstorming a topic, asking pertinent questions, systematically collecting relevant information, analyzing and synthesizing the information, and designing a cohesive research plan to conduct original research. Detailing the methodologies and techniques of both conventional and innovative approaches to music research, Scholarly Research in Music provides an essential grounding for all kinds of music researchers.

    Foreword (Janet L. Sturman) / Preface (Sang-Hie Lee) / PART I: COMMON BASES IN MUSIC RESEARCH / 1. An Overview (Sang-Hie Lee) / 2. Research Proposal (Sang-Hie Lee) / 3. Successful Research in Today’s Library (Stephanie A. Jacobs) / PART II: QUALITATIVE RESEARCH IN MUSIC / 4. Philosophy I (Sang-Hie Lee) / 5. Philosophy II (Sang-Hie Lee, Lindsey Jones, and Michael S. Zelenak) / 6. Music Theory Research (Juan Chattah) / 7. Historical Research in Music (Sang-Hie Lee and John O. Robison) / 8. Naturalistic Inquiry/Qualitative Studies (Sang-Hie Lee) / 9. Research Methods in Ethnomusicology (Music Ethnography) (Janet L. Sturman) / 10. Neurophenomenology: Mapping Structures of the Mind (Frank M. Diaz) / PART III: QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH IN MUSIC / 11. Experimental Study (Sang-Hie Lee) /  12. Social Science Research (Sang-Hie Lee and Eunsook Kim) / 13. Descriptive Statistics (Sang-Hie Lee and Eunsook Kim) / 14. Inferential Statistics (Sang-Hie Lee and Eunsook Kim) / PART IV: PERFORMANCE SCIENCE / 15. Within-Subject Research Designs with Musicians (Thomas M. Welsh and Steven J. Chatfield) / 16. Measuring the Performer and Performance (Dustin Hardwick, Matthew Lazinski, Stephanie L. Carey, and Sang-Hie Lee) / 17. Self-Efficacy in Music Performance (Michael S. Zelenak) / 18. Measuring the Audience (George Waddell and Aaron Williamon) / PART V: CONCLUSION / 19. Conclusion (Sang-Hie Lee)


    Sang-Hie Lee is a Professor of Music and the former Associate Dean of the College of the Arts at the University of South Florida.

    "This expanded and revised second edition continues to open windows to music research and scholarship, providing a comprehensive overview of research models and methods and a pathway to evolving new insights on music as behavior, idea, and value. None of the competing books offer the breadth of methodological perspective offered here."

    —Patricia Shehan Campbell, Donald E. Petersen Professor of Music, University of Washington

    "A welcome diversion from the many research methods texts that focus largely on resources, this friendly and exploratory approach provides a strong foundation for a wide variety of students. Both pragmatic and aspirational, it informs without condescending or oversimplifying. The attention the author pays to the needs of students makes me wish I could study with her."

    —Susannah Cleveland, Head of Music Library, University of North Texas