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School Choice In The Real World Lessons From Arizona Charter Schools

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    by Routledge

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    by Routledge

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    School choice is the most talked about reform of American public education, yet writings about choice remain highly speculative because no state has adopted a free market approach to education--until now. The charter school is fast becoming one of the most significant attempts at public education reform in this country. Over 1100 charter schools operate in twenty-seven states, with several hundred more to be added in the next two years. School Choice in the Real World looks at the charter school movement through a highly focused lens: it examines charter schools in Arizona, which currently account for nearly one-quarter of all charter schools.Since 1994, Arizona has implemented a charter school law with the lowest barriers to entry in the nation. As a result, Arizona has more than 200 charter school campuses. Some districts have even lost more than 10% of their students to charter schools. Using the state of Arizona as a case study, the editors examine the experiences of actual charter school operators, social scientific analysis, policy discussions, and criticism and forecasting for the future. The editors bring together academics, policy-makers, and practicioners, and they explain and evaluate how school choice works in the real world.

    Real World School Choice: Arizona Charter Schools; (Robert Maranto, Scott Milliman, Frederick Hess, and April Gresham); Theoretical and National Perspectives; And This Parent Went to Market: Education as Public vs. Private Good; (L. Elaine Halchin); The Death of One Best Way: Charter Schools as Reinventing Government; (Robert Maranto); Congress and Charter Schools; (David L.; Leal); Charter Schools: A National; Innovation, an Arizona Revolution; (Bryan C. Hassel); Social Scientists Look; at Arizona Charter Schools; The Wild West of; Education Reform: Arizona Charter Schools; (Robert Maranto and April Gresham); Why Arizona Embarked on School Reform (and Nevada Did Not); (Stephanie Timmons-Brown and Frederick Hess); Do Charter Schools Improve District Schools? Three Approaches to the Question; (Robert Maranto, Scott Milliman, Frederick Hess, and April Gresham); Closing Charters: How A Good Theory Failed in Practice; (Gregg A. Garn and Robert T. Stout); Nothing New: Curricula in Arizona Charter Schools; (Robert T. Stout and Gregg A. Garn); How Arizona Teachers View; School Reform; (Frederick Hess, Robert Maranto, Scott Milliman and April Gresham); Practitioners Look at Arizona Charter Schools; The Empowerment of Market-Based School Reform; (Lisa Graham Keegan); A Voice From the State Legislature: Dont Do What Arizona Did!; (Mary Hartley); Public Schools and the Charter Movement: An Emerging Relationship; (Lee L. Hager); Whose Idea Was This Anyway? The Challenging Metamorphosis from Private to Charter; (Jim Spencer); Lessons; In Lieu of Conclusions: Tentative Lessons From a Contested Frontier; (Robert Maranto, Scott Milliman, Frederick Hess, and April Gresham).


    Frederick Hess, April Gresham