1st Edition

School Desegregation Cross-cultural Perspectives

Edited By Y. Amir, S. Sharan, R. Ben-Ari Copyright 1984

    Published in the year 1984, School Desegregation is a valuable contribution to the field of Education.

    Chapter 1 Why Integration?, Yehuda Amir, Shlomo Sharan, Rachel Ben-Ari; Chapter 2 School Integration in the Context of the Development of Israel's Educational System, Chaim Adler; Chapter 3 Communities, Schools, and Integration, Jeff Halper, Moshe Shokeid, Alex Weingrod; Chapter 4 Integration in Education: The Development of a Policy, Nachum Blass, Benyamin Amir; Chapter 5 Integration as a Situational Contingent: Secular Versus Religious Public Education, JosephSchwarzwald; Chapter 6 Integration and School Variables, DanInbar; Chapter 7 School Desegregation and Achievement, Yohanan Eshel, Zev Klein; Chapter 8 Integration and Attitudes, Aharon Bizman, Yehuda Amir; Chapter 9 Field Experiments on Ethnic Integration in Israeli Schools, Shlomo Sharan, Yisrael Rich; Chapter 10 School Desegregation: Some Challenges Ahead, Shlomo Sharan, Yehuda Amir, Rachel Ben-Ari; Chapter 11 Israel and the United States: Comparisons and Commonalities in School Desegregation, Norman Miller; Author Index; Subject Index;


    Bar-Han University, Tel-Aviv University