1st Edition

School Physical Education and Teacher Education Collaborative Redesign for the 21st Century

Edited By Ann MacPhail, Hal Lawson Copyright 2020
    210 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    210 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Setting a common international agenda for physical education, this book asks how physical education and physical education teacher education can be reconfigured together so that they are responsive to changes in today’s fast-paced, diverse and uncertain global society. 

    It argues that only a revolutionary move away from national policy silos can reinvigorate physical education and lead to improved, equitable outcomes for children and youth, and both novice and veteran teachers. Drawing on developing success stories in diverse places, this book emphasizes three important strategies:

    • international-comparative analyses, which facilitate cross-border knowledge generation, innovation, professional learning and continuous improvement;
    • solid, dynamic partnerships between teacher education programmes and exemplary school physical education programmes; and
    • knowledge-generating teams consisting of exemplary teachers and teacher educators. 

    Each chapter provides viable alternatives and rationales framed by unique national and local contexts. Significantly, these chapters announce that the work that lies ahead – and starts now – is a collective action project. It necessitates collaborative research and development among policy leaders, researchers, teacher education specialists, physical education teachers and, in some cases, school-age students. 

    This is essential reading for all researchers with an interest in physical education or teacher education, and an invaluable source of new perspectives for physical education students, pre-service and in-service teachers, and educational administrators and policymakers.

    1. Grand Challenges as Catalysts for the Collaborative Redesign of Physical Education, Teacher Education, and Research and Development

    Ann MacPhail and Hal A. Lawson


    2. The Aims and Outcomes Challenge: Preparing Physical Education Teacher Educators and Teachers for 21st Century Redesign Imperatives and Accountability Requirements

    Lisette Burrows, Mary O'Sullivan, Ger Halbert and Emily Scott


    3. The Standards-based Curricular Reform Challenge: Shared Responsibility through Networking

    Deborah Tannehill, Peter Iserbyt and Lori S. Dunn


    4. The Alignment and Coherence Challenge: Developing University-School Partnerships for the Simultaneous Improvement and Redesign of School Programmes and Teacher Education

    Jo Harris, Marc Cloes and Kerry Wilson


    5. The Innovation Challenge: Maintaining Programme Standards and Developing Cohesion While Developing and Testing Alternative Designs in New Kinds of Schools

    Phillip Ward, Melissa Parker and Diane Barnes


    6. The Interdisciplinary Challenge: Preparing Teacher Educators and Teachers to Span Knowledge, Organisational and International Boundaries

    Louise McCuaig, Timothy Carroll, Susanna Geidne and Yoshinori Okade


    7. The Professional Socialisation Challenge: Teacher Education for a Preferable Future for Physical Education

    K. Andrew R. Richards, Cassandra Iannucci, Eileen McEvoy and Angela Simonton


    8. Cultural Competence Challenge: Readying Schools and University Programmes for Student, Teacher, and Faculty Diversity

    Kim Oliver, Carla N. Luguetti, Jackie Beth Shilcutt, Raquel Aranda, Savannah Castillo, Oscar Nuñez Enriquez and Traci Prieto


    9. The Digital Age Challenge: Preparing Physical and Health Educators to Understand and Support ‘Online’ Youth

    Kathleen M. Armour, Victoria A. Goodyear and Rachel Sandford


    10. The PE School Curriculum Challenge: The Shared Construction, Implementation and Enactment of School Physical Education Curriculum

    Rachael Whittle and Ann MacPhail


    11. The Research and Development Challenge: Better Aligning Teachers’ and Teacher Educators’ Needs, Priorities and Demands

    Tim Fletcher, Alex Beckey, Håkan Larsson and Ann MacPhail


    12. The Evidence-based Decision-making Challenge: Developing Research-supported, Data-informed, Structures and Strategies in Schools and Teacher Education Programmes

    Peter Hastie and Andy Vasily


    13. The Professional Development Challenge: Achieving Desirable Outcomes for Students, Teachers, and Teacher Educators

    Hal A. Lawson, David Kirk and Ann MacPhail


    14. The Public Policy Challenge: Preparing and Supporting Teacher Educators and Teachers as Change Agents and Policy Entrepreneurs

    Jenna R. Lorusso, Suzanne Hargreaves, Andrew Morgan and Hal A. Lawson


    15. Learning to Plan and Planning to Learn During Turbulent Times

    Hal A. Lawson


    16. Developing Commitments and Capacity to Learn With, and From, Each Other

    Ann MacPhail


    Ann MacPhail is a Physical Education Teacher Educator in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the University of Limerick, Ireland.

    Hal A. Lawson is Professor of Social Welfare and Educational Policy and Leadership at the University at Albany-SUNY, USA.

    "As a fellow academic and practitioner within the field it is a very pleasing thought that during the work with this anthology, the co-authors have created 12-15 local projects in which academics and schoolteachers gathered in a joint effort to develop education and give children a promising future. I guess very few academic books can claim to beat that." - Joacim Andersson, idrottsforum.org