1st Edition

School Psychologists as Advocates for Social Justice

By Kathleen Ness Copyright 2023
    274 Pages
    by Routledge

    274 Pages
    by Routledge

    School Psychologists as Advocates for Social Justice explores how school psychologists promote and protect the educational rights of children, using the author’s extensive experience as illustration.

    The roles of school psychologists have expanded from strictly assessment to advising school districts on how to improve school climate, helping schools face tragedy, and counseling students dealing with trauma. Combined with pertinent research, personal narratives describe challenges the author faced while a teacher and later as a school psychology practitioner and illustrate how necessary advocacy is in addressing the academic, behavioral, and emotional needs of students. Careful consideration is given to equity issues of disability, racism, Islamophobia, and bilingualism in schools.

    Combining informative personal experience with research, emphasizing the importance of children’s rights within the school community, and encouraging effective advocacy with legislative leaders, this book is a necessity for both new and seasoned school psychologists.

    1. Introduction  2. Why It Took Me so Long to Become a School Psychologist  3. Claiming Disability Rights  4. Hard Lessons: Teaching in the South  5. Segregation, Desegregation, Resegregation  6. Hard Lessons: Teaching in Pakistan  7. Beyond 9/11  8. They’re Just Talking Gibberish: English Language Learners  9. Issues in Diversity: 'There’s No Way He’d Tell a White Woman That'  10. Better Ally Than Savior  11. Rites of Passage: Becoming a School Psychologist  12. Health in School  13. The Health of Schools  14. Speaking Up: Civic Action Through Lobbying Elected Officials  15. Adversary or Ally: Working with Administrators  16. The Changing Role of School Principalship 17. Remember to Breathe: Crisis Intervention  18. Hand in Glove: Our Relationship with Teachers  19. A Delicate Journey: Our Relationship with Parents  20. Entering Their World: Our Relationship with Children  21. Rolling with Our Roles  22. Looking Back, Facing Forward


    Kathleen Ness, NCSP, retired, also holds a Master of Arts in the Teaching of English. She advocates for children, schools, and families through NASP and with RESULTS.

    "Kathleen Ness has written a must-read for anyone considering education, school psychology, and social advocacy. From her upbringing in rural America to her work in public schools, Kathleen’s experiences provide readers with an in-depth understanding of the current educational system and calls to action for the future."

    Dr. Natasha Olson, nationally certified school psychologist

    "Never before have students and school personnel so deeply needed skills to build their sense of belonging and safety at school. This book gives practical guidance and strong helpful research for school psychologists and those who work alongside them to advocate at every level to meet these needs." 

    Sally A. Baas, Ed.D, Professor of Education at Concordia University, St. Paul, Director of Southeast Asian Teacher Program, and Faculty Senate Chair of Hmong Culture and Language Program   

    "Read this book. Kathleen Ness has eloquently laid out how important and easy it is to advocate for the things we care about. Ms. Ness reminds us that our voices matter. In her words and her actions, she inspires us all to stand up and speak out for change."

    Jos G. Linn, Manager of Grass Roots Impact, RESULTS