1st Edition

School Start Storybooks: Bozo the Clown

By Catherine de la Bedoyere Copyright 2020

    In this beautifully illustrated storybook, part of the School Start series, children with language needs can explore the story of Bozo the Clown as he tries to make a new friend.

    School Start Storybooks support language development in reception and Key Stage 1 aged children both in school and at home. Through beautifully illustrated stories, children are invited to explore language, ask questions and recall events in order to aid language development, listening and memory skills. Each book contains a colourful and engaging story designed to appeal to young children, and with language specifically chosen for children with language needs.

    Key skills that these books support include:

    • Comprehension
    • Expression
    • Vocabulary
    • Memory
    • Sequencing

    Available either as a set or as individual books, the School Start Storybooks are a vital resource for professionals looking to support language development either with individual children, or groups of children. Each book also contains guidance and prompt questions to help the supporting adult use the book effectively, making it ideal for parents to support language development at home.

    Instructions  Animated voice and expressions  Miming and pointing  Vocabulary  Questions  Memory: List and information recall  Memory: Sequencing  Sharing the story at home  Why this book may help your child  Bozo the Clown


    Catherine de la Bedoyere is a speech and language therapist with over 25 years’ experience of working with children, including managing and delivering services in a variety of early years and school settings

    Liam de la Bedoyere is an illustrator and designer.