1st Edition

School To Work Research On Programs In The United States

    188 Pages
    by Routledge

    184 Pages
    by Routledge

    An in-depth investigation into career-related programmes in American secondary schools and two-year further education colleges is given in this book. In addition to reviewing evidence on the effectiveness of vocational coursework, the authors analyse programmes involving students who study and work simultaneously, including co-operative education, youth apprenticeship and school-based enterprise.; Chapters deal with the problems encountered in the school-to-work transition: the preparation necessary not only for this transition but for changes encountered when jobs end abruptly, and issues covered include combining school-based and work-based learning and teaching and linking secondary with post- secondary education. Research on programmes involving students simultaneously working and at school, including non-school-supervised employment is also covered, as is co-operative education, which places students in jobs related to their fields of study. The traditional elements of post-school education and training are discussed together with an investigation into newer approaches including career academics and career magnet schools and programmes bridging secondary and post secondary education. Additionally, selected studies of programmes for out- of-school youth are reviewed.; To conclude, the authors consider new school-to-work systems and whether specially designed programmes for the "non-college-bound" students would be stigmatised as second best, or if an alternative programme could maintain an option for students to attend four year colleges and universities, the latter making the design and operation of school-to-work systems more difficult. Of interest to administrators, teachers, policy makers, analysts and employers, the findings in this book will shed light on the viability of new school-to- work initiatives currently being implemented in the UK, Europe and USA.

    The Transition Problem and Proposed Solutions: Floundering Youth in the US Labour Market; Elements of School-to-Work Programmes. School-and-Work Programmes in Secondary Schools: Cooperative Education; Youth Apprenticeship; School-Based Enterprise; Non-School-Supervised Work Experience; New Findings from the NCRVE Longitudinal Study; Career Counselling and Job Placement; Mentoring. School-and-Work Programmes in Two-Year Colleges: Cooperative Education; Apprenticeship; Career Counselling and Job Placement. Relevance of Vocational Education to Subsequent Employment: High Schools and Secondary Vocational Centres; Two- Year Colleges and Proprietary Schools; Tech-prep: Bridging Secondary and Post-secondary. Programs for Out-of-School Youth. Strategic Choices.


    David Stern, Neal Finkelstein, James Stone, John Latting, Carolyn Dornsife