1st Edition

Science and ICT in the Primary School A Creative Approach to Big Ideas

By John Meadows Copyright 2004
    184 Pages
    by David Fulton Publishers

    With a strong focus on helping children to learn the 'big ideas' in science, this book provides detailed and practical guidance on how to use ICT to support creative science teaching. Emphasizing learning science 'through' the technology rather than 'from' it, the book strikes a good balance between practical and academic dimensions through:

    • practical suggestions on how to plan schemes of work and lessons
    • case studies that highlight how ICT can be incorporated into cross-curricular themes of study
    • examples of real science lessons
    • advice on organizing learning in 'out of school' settings'

    Written with the standards for achieving qualified teacher status in mind, this user-friendly text is a vital resource for all students on initial teacher training courses and newly qualified teachers at primary level.

    Chapter 1 What's it all about? A creative approach to big ideas; Chapter 2 Theories of learning in science and ICT; Chapter 3 Case studies from Partnership schools; Chapter 4 Flight; Chapter 5 Sustainability and living things; Chapter 6 Let there be light; Chapter 7 Science and technology in everyday life; Chapter 8 Energy; Chapter 9 ‘What if a chair was made of chocolate?’ Materials and Particles; Chapter 10 Cells: ‘What is grass made of?’; Chapter 11 Learning out of school; Chapter 12 Organising and managing science and ICT; Appendix: Qualifying to teach in the Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 References and further reading Abbreviations Science glossary Index;


    John Meadows