1st Edition

Scour and Erosion IX Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Scour and Erosion (ICSE 2018), November 5-8, 2018, Taipei, Taiwan

Edited By Yeh Keh-Chia Copyright 2019

    Scour and Erosion IX contains the peer-reviewed scientific contributions presented at 9th International Conference on Scour and Erosion (ICSE 2018, Taipei, Taiwan, 5–8 November 2018), and includes recent accomplishments about scour and erosion in field observation, experimental laboratory work, theoretical development, numerical modeling and disaster management.
    The book covers fourteen topics:

    A. Internal erosion
    B. River, coastal, estuarine and marine scour and erosion
    C. Rock scour and erosion
    D. Sediment transport: grain scale and continuum scale
    E. Scour and erosion around structures
    F. Soil erosion, restoration mechanisms and conservation
    G. Hillslope conservation and debris flow
    H. Geotechnical issues related to scour and erosion
    I. Field observation and analyses
    J. Scour and erosion testing and experiment
    K. Remote sensing, instrumentation and monitoring
    L. Advanced numerical modelling of scour and erosion
    M. Natural hazards due to scour and erosion
    N. Management of scour/erosion and sediment.


    Sediment load and scour of intermittent rivers in central Taiwan
    J.-Y. Lu & C.-C. Su

    Historical perspective and challenges on sediment flushing in the Kurobe River, Japan
    T. Sumi

    Direct monitoring of deep-sea turbidity currents to quantify their interaction with the seafloor and impacts on critical subsea infrastructure
    M.A. Clare

    The Brahmaputra—scour and erosion processes and countermeasures
    K. Oberhagemann

    Rock structures—scour engineering in offshore wind
    A. Roulund


    Internal erosion

    Micro scale study of internal erosion using 3D X-Ray tomography
    A. Mehdizadeh & M.M. Disfani

    Constriction size distribution and equivalent opening size of granular filter
    F. Seblany, E. Vincens & C. Picault

    Physical modelling of backward erosion piping in layered levee foundation
    A. Takizawa, K. Horikoshi & A. Takahashi

    Wave pressure propagating inside box culvert under sea surface and internal erosion of backfill material due to wave pressure
    K. Suzuki & S. Sassa

    Experimental optimization of Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation (MICP) for contact erosion control in earth dams
    A. Clarà Saracho & S.K. Haigh

    Validation of geophysical methods for internal erosion detection on earth embankments
    B. Steck, G. D’Urso, D. Vautrin, K. Sabor, C. Vergniault, J.-R. Courivaud, K. Sabor, A. Soueid Ahmed & A. Revil

    The effect of suffusion on physical properties and mechanical behavior of granular soils
    C.D. Nguyen, N. Benahmed, P. Philippe, E. Andò & L. Sibille

    Hydro-mechanical model for a poro-elastic media subjected to suffusion
    A. Kodieh, R. Gelet, N.S. Nguyen, D. Marot & A. Fino

    An update on ICOLD Bulletin 164 on internal erosion
    R. Bridle

    Investigation of the coarse sand barrier against backward erosion piping
    E. Rosenbrand, V.M. van Beek, J.M. van Esch, U. Förster, A.R. Koelewijn, L. Voogt, A. Bezuijen, K. Vandenboer & K. van Gerven

    Failure criterion of seepage erosion
    K.-T. Chang & Y.-L. Chen

    Investigating the erosion resistance of cement-bentonite barrier material using hole erosion test
    M.A. Walenna, A.C.D. Royal, I. Jefferson & G.S. Ghataora

    Tracking and assessment of backward erosion piping progression into constricted seepage exits
    J.D. Rice, I.A. Ibrahim & S. Peng


    River, coastal, estuarine and marine scour and erosion

    Modeling suspended sediment transport in the subtropical subalpine Yuan-Yang Lake, Taiwan
    W.C. Liu & W.T. Chan

    Scour and seabed changes at cable protection rock berms—field observations
    A. Roulund, P.M. Jensen, K.V. Marten & R.J.S. Whitehouse

    Scour at cable protection rock berms—model test observations
    A. Roulund, S.M. Larsen, J. Sutherland & R.J.S. Whitehouse

    Numerical modeling of alternatives to reduce channel shoaling at Lynnhaven Inlet, Virginia Beach, USA
    L. Lin & Z. Demirbilek

    Numerical simulation of morphological bed changes and local scour near embankment
    C.-T. Liao, K.-C. Yeh, M.-W. Huang & Y. Jia

    On bank erosion in estuary of sittaung river in Myanmar
    T.S. Ahmed, S. Egashira, D. Harada, A. Yorozuya, Y. Kwak, B.B. Shrestha, D. Kuribayashi, H. Sawano & T. Koike

    The behavior of self-launching geotextile bag aprons—latest investigations from the lower Brahmaputra in Bangladesh
    A. Thompson, Y. She, K. Oberhagemann & A.M.A. Haque

    Stability of single-graded scour protection around a monopile in current
    T.U. Petersen, A.W. Nielsen, D.A. Hansen, A.V. Pedersen, E.D. Christensen & J. Fredsøe

    CFD simulation of clearwater scour at complex foundations
    N.S. Tavouktsoglou, J.M. Harris, R.J.S. Whitehouse & R.R. Simons

    Boundary layer flow within the impingement zone between a propeller jet and plane bed
    Y.-M. Chiew & M. Wei

    Erosion experiments of pure kaolinite samples
    D. Chen, B.W. Melville, C. Zhang, H. Huang & Y. Wang

    Probabilistic modeling of long-term shoreline changes in response to sea level rise and waves
    Y. Ding, S.-C. Kim, A.E. Frey, R.L. Permenter & R. Styles


    Rock scour and erosion

    Kinematic controls on 3D rock block erodibility: A block theory approach
    M.F. George & N. Sitar

    Spillway erosion experiences and modelling techniques
    E.F.R. Bollaert & E.J. Lesleighter

    Modeling of soft bedrock channel evolution with a coupled modified bank stability and bedrock erosion model
    K. Wu, K.-C. Yeh & Y.G. Lai

    Determination of the shape and the depth of scour hole on rocks
    M.-H. Cheng, J.-J. Liao, Y.-W. Pan, G.-W. Li & M.-W. Huang

    Recent changes of channel morphology in a coseismic uplift reach of the Taan River in Central Taiwan
    M.-W. Huang, C.-T. Liao, Y.-W. Pan & J.-J. Liao


    Sediment transport grain scale and continuum scale

    Stress change in seabed induced by sea wave on wave flume experiment in 1g field
    T. Matsuda, K. Miura, K. Anai, Y. Sawada & R. Takayanagi

    Method to evaluate longitudinal sediment sorting processes
    D. Harada, S. Egashira & A. Yorozuya

    Experimental study on breaching of embankments
    D.K. Verma, B. Setia & V.K. Arora

    New characteristics of sedimentation of the three gorges reservoir and its prediction
    S. Tong, X. Li, S. Yang, J. Hu, W. Li, Y. Xiao & X. Fu


    Scour and erosion around structures

    Experimental study on scour around a pile in multidirectional (spreading) random waves
    A. Schendel, A. Hildebrandt & T. Schlurmann

    Local scour development and global sediment redistribution around a jacket-structure in combined waves and current
    M. Welzel, T. Schlurmann & A. Hildebrandt

    Advancements in bridge scour assessment with 2D Hydraulic modeling using SRH-2D/SMS
    S.A. Hogan

    Characteristics of live-bed scour at bridge piers with simple and complex pier geometry
    Y. Yang, B.W. Melville & A.Y. Shamseldin

    3D numerical simulations of bridge pier scouring
    Y. Jia

    Scour at the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier: Linking laboratory experiments to field observations
    Y.B. Broekema, R.J. Labeur & W.S.J. Uijttewaal

    Nonwoven geotextile scour protection at offshore wind parks, application and life cycle assessment
    H. Hoyme, J.H. Su, J. Kono & H. Wallbaum

    Turbulence approach for predicting scour at abutments
    G. Hoffmans & F. Buschman

    Evaluation of empirical equations for scour downstream grade-control weirs
    D. Guan, B.W. Melville & L. Wang

    Development and application of real-time scour monitoring technique
    S.M. Hsu, Y.-H. Chang, C.-Y. Sun & P.-F. Hung

    Hydraulic study on bed material movement under bed protection works and its reducing methods
    Y. Kitamura & S. Takagi

    Micro-macro modelling of piping and internal erosion in river levee
    K. Maeda, M. Nishimura & M. Takatsuji

    Experimental study of local scour around submerged cylinders supported by a skirted mudmat in steady current
    W. Yao, H. An, S. Draper & L. Cheng

    Scour around a monopile on a sloped beach by a series of wave
    M. Qi & P. Shi

    Incorporation of scour uncertainty to current AASHTO LRFD bridge design specifications
    C. Huang, K. Kerenyi & J. Shen

    Long term scour monitoring around offshore jacket foundations on a sandy seabed
    L. Baelus, A. Bolle & V. Szengel

    Bridge scour countermeasure project in marin county—it’s got a little bit of everything
    C.M.C. Avila

    Depth of scour for bridge piers in tandem arrangement
    R. Malik & B. Setia

    Modelling of foundation response to scour and scour protection for offshore wind turbine structures
    R.O. Mayall, B.W. Byrne, H.J. Burd, R.A. McAdam, P. Cassie & R.J.S. Whitehouse


    Hillslope conservation and debris flow

    Effects of volcanic ash deposition on surface erosion and runoff in Sakurajima, Japan
    H. Kisa & N. Fujimura


    Geotechnical issues related to scour and erosion

    Wave-induced liquefaction and the stability of offshore monopile
    J. Miyamoto, K. Tsurugasaki & S. Sassa

    Effects of relative density of sand on seepage failure phenomena in front of sheet piles in two dimensions
    T. Tanaka, N. Maeta, K. Kasamatsu, N. Ueno, R. Fujii, K. Inoue & S. Nagai

    Seepage failure of semi-infinite 2D soil within a cofferdam—theoretical critical hydraulic head differences under various conditions
    T. Tanaka, N. Maeta & T. Miki


    Field observation and analyses

    Comparison of general scour and bend scour prediction methods for intermittent rivers in Taiwan
    J.H. Hong, W.D. Guo & C.C. Su

    Scour monitoring on bridge pier—methodology and implementations
    E. Florens, C. Chevalier, F. Larrarte, F. Schmidt & E. Durand

    Field measurement and simulation of short-term general scour in gravel-bed river
    R.-K. Jhong, T.C. Hsieh, K.-C. Yeh, W.J. Lin & J.S. Chen

    Internal erosion in a foundation soil under a sand levee and its manifestation on the levee surface
    M. Okamura, M. Imamura & N. Jinnouchi

    Field applications of float-out device for highway bridge pier scour monitoring
    C.-C. Chung, S.-H. Yang, H.-C. Yang, C.-C. Su, C.-P. Lin & K.-C. Yeh


    Scour and erosion testing and experiment

    A modified hole-erosion-test on high plastic clay with different soil structure
    M. Hark

    Experimental investigation of the critical tractive force of glass beads under upward seepage flow
    K. Fujisawa, A. Murakami & K. Sugino

    Durability of lime treated soil in coastal environment: Methodology for a laboratory study and first results
    M. De Baecque, C. Chevalier, M. Le Feuvre, S. Palma-Lopes & P. Reiffsteck

    Erosion tests on the Teton Dam soils
    M. Chedid, I. Shafii & J.L. Briaud

    Laboratory tests on the effects of wave action on cohesionless soil and their influence on incipient sediment motion
    J. Ewers

    Measurement of hydrodynamic forces on gravel particles in the erosion function apparatus
    I. Shafii, Z. Zhang & J.L. Briaud

    Erosion rate equations for coarse- grained materials using a small flume testing
    G.S. Ellithy, J.L. Wibowo & M.K. Corcoran

    Measuring erosion characteristics of gravel soils
    J.F. López-Soto & B.A. Robbins

    A study on the influence of river flow characteristic on the levee breach speed using hydraulic experiment
    S. Kim & K.S. Yoon

    Flow pattern evolution in the downstream scour hole of a submerged weir
    L. Wang, B.W. Melville & C. Whittaker

    On porous media flow with non-steady boundary conditions
    M. Aminpour, M. Greene, S.A. Galindo-Torres, A. Scheuermann & L. Li

    Flume tests for bed erosion control by combination of a main and a counter sabo dam
    T. Itoh, K. Kaitsuka, H. Watabe, T. Nagayama, T. Miike, H. Muramatsu, A. Kawai & T. Mizuyama

    An in situ scour testing device for determining soil erosion resistance
    H. Shan, O. Wiblishauser, K. Kerenyi, J. Shen, T. Meyer, D. Pastrich, J. Pagenkopf & N. Tsou

    Experimental study on erodibility of cement/steelmaking-slag treated soils by means of small jet erodometer
    Y. Watabe & S. Sassa

    Scaling impacts on scour in distorted models
    L. Zhang, Y. Wang, H. Huang & X. Nie

    Experimental study on sediment movement of continuous curved channel in uppper reaches of the Yellow River
    X.-h. He, P.-y. Wang & X.-l. Li


    Remote sensing, instrumentation and monitoring

    Feasibility evaluation for unmanned-aerial-vehicle seeding on post landslide sites in Taiwan
    K.-C. Hsu, G.-Z.M. Song, S.-H. Lin & C.-H. Chang

    Exploring the relationships between normalized difference vegetation index and leaf area index in central Taiwan
    C.-C. Chang, G.-Z.M. Song & Y.-C. Chao

    Development of TDR-based scour sensing cable
    K. Wang, C.-P. Lin & W.H. Jheng

    Detecting sediment concentration using contact image sensor
    W. Yao, H. An, S. Draper, L. Cheng, M. Zhao & G. Tang


    Advanced numerical modelling of scour and erosion

    Bridge scour simulation with a new 3D Flow and sediment transport model
    Y.G. Lai & K. Wu

    Study of constitutive models for sandy soils considering influence of internal erosion
    G. Wang & T. Akihiro

    Local scour modeling around hydraulic structures with complex geometries
    X. Liu & Y. Xu

    Monitoring and simulation of bridge pier scour depth
    F.-Z. Lee, J.-S. Lai, Y.-B. Lin, X. Liu, K.-C. Chang, C.-F. Lin & C.-C. Chang

    Coupled particle-fluid numerical simulation model for internal erosion of granular soils with a broad particle size distribution
    Y. Fukumoto & S. Ohtsuka

    Impact of stress path on fine particles role in internally unstable soils
    M. Ahmadi, A. Mehdizadeh, V. Khalili & M.M. Disfani

    Development and validation of a numerical model of scour protection around monopiles under currents
    C.E. Arboleda, M. Wu, P. Troch & V. Stratigaki

    Numerical modelling of scour near the south abutment of the Padma River Bridge in Bangladesh
    E. Wang, J. Vasquez, D. McLean, Md.S. Islam & Md. Kamruzzaman

    Modeling and experimental assessments of fluvial scouring in Fengshan creek basin, Taiwan
    Y.-Y. Liao, J.-Y. Huang, H. Su & D.-S. Shih

    3D simulation on scour hole development of energy dissipation of ski-jump type at Kongliang Dam
    F. Feng, X. Fu, S. Yang, J. Hu, S. Tong, W. Li & Y. Xiao


    Natural hazards due to scour and erosion

    Measured depth of cover in a watercourse crossing as a measure of degradation and/or scour
    G. Ferris & S. Newton

    Method to predict sediment runoff resulting from landslides and debris flows
    Y. Yamazaki, S. Egashira & N. Nagumo

    Practical hydrotechnical engineering guidance for the planning and hazard assessment and design of linear pipeline facilities at river and stream crossings and followings
    A.Q. Kammereck

    A case study for evaluation of landslide volume and two-dimensional slope stability numerical simulation subject to rainfall infiltration
    J.W. Chen, F.C. Huang, H.P. Wu, W.Z. Liu & C.Y. Chen


    Management of scour/erosion and sediment

    Development an operational system for the forecasting of bridge pier scour depth
    F.-Z. Lee, J.-S. Lai, Y.-B. Lin, X. Liu, K.-C. Chang, S.-D. Wang & C.-C. Chang

    AROSA: A new French guideline for scour at bridges risk-based analysis
    E. Durand, D. Davi & J.L. Delgado

    Evaluation method using score table for identifying bridge piers vulnerable to scouring in Japan
    T. Takayanagi, N. Naito, R. Manome & O. Nunokawa

    Two Mississippi River diversion structures two different floodway scour rehabilitation designs
    T.J. Shih, A. Henville & J. Vossen

    Research program SSHEAR: Recent advances on the understanding and the control of scour phenomena
    C. Chevalier, F. Larrarte, F. Schmidt, E. Durand, P. Sergent, P. Gondret, S. de la Roque, M. Cheetham & M. Hosseingholian

    Establishment of the bridge closure by the pier erosion simulation
    S.-H. Yang, R.-K. Jhong, S.-T. Wei & K.-C. Yeh

    Strategies for grass establishment to control erosion on Roma flood levee batters
    Y. Gyasi-Agyei, R. Koech & G. Bebington

    The environment effect of bank erosion in Three Gorges Reservoir water-level-fluctuating zone
    X. Fu, X. Zhou, S. Yang, J. Hu, W. Li, Y. Xiao & S. Tong


    Yeh Keh-Chia is Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering at the National Chiao Tung University, Disaster Prevention and Water Environment Research Center, Hsinchu, Taiwan.