1st Edition

Selling in Customer Service Integrating and Coordinating Service and Selling

By Leon Cai Copyright 2024
    180 Pages 45 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    180 Pages 45 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    "Service" in this book refers to the behaviors and actions of serving customers. "Selling" in this book refers to the behaviors and actions of selling products to customers. Hence, this book is completely different from other books on these subjects -- Despite the fact that there are many books on service improvement and many related to selling skills worldwide, there are few books on how service and selling are integrated and coordinated. Primarily, It focuses on the interaction and transition between "the behavior of service" and "the behavior of selling" by sharing methods and skills of how those two are interrelated.

    This book provides many helpful guidelines and solutions for turning customers’ satisfaction with service into growth in sales. Through many refreshing ideas, the author helps you deeply understand the significance of integration of and conversion between service and selling and the harm of disconnection between service and selling.

    Many new ideas and viewpoints, which are different from other service books or sales books, are discussed, such as the contention that "over-service and over-selling should be prevented."

    Instead of:

    -- Giving highly complex and abstract definitions of "service" or "selling," this book redefines service and selling with "say YES to customers" and "Make customers say YES" respectively.

    -- Insisting that customers’ satisfaction with service will naturally lead to their long-term loyalty, this book emphasizes that customers' satisfaction with service has a shelf lifetime, which will soon fade over time.

    -- Taking the achievement of customer satisfaction as the final purpose of service, the author believes that "the end of service is not customer satisfaction, but to create new customer needs and achieve increased sales."

    -- Taking “meeting or exceeding customer expectations” as the golden rule, the author insists that "customer expectations need to be reduced first, then satisfied, and upgraded finally".

    -- Focusing on the development of customers’ buying needs like other books do, this book focuses oppositely on the research of "why customers have no buying needs."



    About the Author

    Chapter 1. The Effective Integration of Service and Selling

    ·         Over-service vs Over-selling

    ·         Define service and selling in a simplified way

    ·         Left-brain and right-brain competencies in service and selling

    ·         The three-step conversion from service to selling

    Chapter 2. Link Service with Selling by the Customer Psychology Compass

    ·         Double-sided communication in service delivery

    ·         The Customer Psychology Compass

    ·         Employ the Customer Psychology Compass to convert from service   to Selling

    Chapter 3. Harness Customer Expectation in Service and Selling

    ·         Three ways to deal with customer expectation

    ·         Three steps in harnessing customer expectation

    ·         Lower customer expectation by three approaches

    ·         Meet and exceed customer expectation through seven pathways

    ·         Achieving two stages of linkage when elevating customer expectation

    Chapter 4. Explore Customers’ New Purchasing Needs During Service Delivery

    ·         Three strategies to explore customers’ purchasing needs

    ·         Explore customers’ purchasing needs by the strategy of horizontal combination

    ·         Explore customers’ purchasing needs by the strategy of vertical upgrade

    ·         Explore customers’ purchasing needs by the strategy of comprehensive solutions

    ·         Three ways to upgrade our products and service

    Chapter 5. Handle Customers’ Objections When Converting from Service to Selling

    ·         Four sorts of customers’ objections

    ·         Handle customers’ dissatisfaction-type objections by four mind-changing Methods

    ·         Resolve customers’ resistance-type objections by six sorts of service Hooks

    ·         Eliminate customers’ no-no-type objections by four “driving wheels”

    ·         Overcome customers’ request-type objections by five negotiation skills

    Chapter 6. Differentiated Service & Selling Tactics for Customers of Different Personality Types

    ·         Four types of customers’ personalities

    ·         Service tactics for customers of four personality types

    ·         Need-exploring tactics for customers of four personality types

    ·         Desire-stimulating tactics for customers of four personality types


    Leon Cai is a global partner of Perth Leadership Institute and represents Perth in Shanghai, China. He is also the Dean as well as Chief Consultant of Wilner Sales & Leadership Institute. Leon was once ranked among the top ten most influential Chinese trainers and was the winner of the "Honor China Award". He was recommended by the Discovery Channel of CCTV (Central TV station of China) as a leading figure in China’s training and consulting industry.

    Leon graduated from Fudan University, a top-level university in China. He had been a management consultant in a renowned consulting firm and a senior marketing director in a Fortune 500 company before starting his career as a trainer, speaker, and writer. He was certified as "writer of the year" by Enterprise Management Publishing House as well as China Fortune Press. Leon Cai is the author of many bestsellers in China. Besides Selling In Customer Service, he has also published Key Controlling Points of Sales Management; Soft Negotiation; Blue Marketing, Red Sales; Roadmap of Strategic Selling; and Gear Shifting Leadership.