1st Edition

Semiconductor Quantum Optoelectronics From Quantum Physics to Smart Devices

Edited By A. Miller, D Finlayson, M Ebrahimzadeh Copyright 1999
    496 Pages
    by CRC Press

    496 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    The development and application of low-dimensional semiconductors have been rapid and spectacular during the past decade. Ever improving epitaxial growth and device fabrication techniques have allowed access to some remarkable new physics in quantum confined structures while a plethora of new devices has emerged. The field of optoelectronics in particular has benefited from these advances both in terms of improved performance and the invention of fundamentally new types of device, at a time when the use of optics and lasers in telecommunications, broadcasting, the Internet, signal processing, and computing has been rapidly expanding. An appreciation of the physics of quantum and dynamic electronic processes in confined structures is key to the understanding of many of the latest devices and their continued development.

    Semiconductor Quantum Optoelectronics covers new physics and the latest device developments in low-dimensional semiconductors. It allows those who already have some familiarity with semiconductor physics and devices to broaden and expand their knowledge into new and expanding topics in low-dimensional semiconductors. The book provides pedagogical coverage of selected areas of new and pertinent physics of low-dimensional structures and presents some optoelectronic devices presently under development. Coverage includes material and band structure issues and the physics of ultrafast, nonlinear, coherent, intersubband, and intracavity phenomena. The book emphasizes various devices, including quantum wells, visible, quantum cascade, and mode-locked lasers; microcavity LEDs and VCSELs; and detectors and logic elements. An underlying theme is high-speed phenomena and devices for increased system bandwidths.

    In-Well and Cross-Well Carrier Transport in Quantum Wells by Alan Miller)
    Coherent Exciton Dynamics: Time Resolved Polarimetry by Arthur L. Smirl
    Coherent Control and Switching by Jeremy J. Baumberg
    Excitons in Strongly Coupled Semiconductor Microcavities by Theodore Norris
    Coherent Terhertz Spectroscopy by Peter Haring Bolivar
    Visible-Emitting Quantum Well Lasers by Peter Blood
    Microcavity Light Emitting Diodes by Roel Baets
    Materials for Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting and Edge Emitting Lasers by Olga Blum Spahn
    Analysis of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser Diodes (VCSELs) by Karl J. Ebeling
    Polarization Properties of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers by Maxi SanMiguel
    Semiconductor Heterostructures: A Quantum Lego for Infrared Technology by Emmanuel Rosencher
    Band-Structure Engineering of New Photonic Materials: High Performance Mid-Infrared Quantum Cascade Lasers by Federico Capasso
    Optics for Digital Information Processing by David A.B. Miller


    A. Miller (Edited by) , D. Finlayson (Edited by) , M. Ebrahimzadeh (Edited by)