1st Edition

Sensor Systems Fundamentals and Applications

By Clarence W. de Silva Copyright 2016
    746 Pages 305 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book covers sensors and multiple sensor systems, including sensor networks and multi-sensor data fusion. It presents the physics and principles of operation and discusses sensor selection, ratings and performance specifications, necessary hardware and software for integration into an engineering system and signal processing and data analysis. Additionally, it discusses parameter estimation, decision making and practical applications. Even though the book has all the features of a course textbook, it also contains a wealth of practical information on the subject.

    Instrumentation of an Engineering System. Component Interconnection. Amplifiers and Filters. Signal Conversion Methods. Performance Specifications and Rating Parameters. Bandwidth, Sampling and Error Propagation. Estimation from Measurements. Analog Motion Sensors. Effort Sensors. Miscellaneous Sensors. Digital Transducers. Microminiature Sensors. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). Multi-sensor Data Fusion. Appendix A: Probability and Statistics. Appendix B: Reliability Considerations for Multi-component Devices. Appendix C: Software Tools. Answers to Numerical Problems. Index. Solutions Manual (for instructors).


    Clarence W. de Silva

    "This is the most comprehensive book on sensor systems that I have come across. It has several impressive features. For example:
    -Physics, analytical modeling, design features and application of a wide range of important sensors are covered;

    -Application of individual sensors and multiple or networked sensors is treated along with the needed procedures, hardware and software;

    -Such advanced practical topics as wireless sensor networks, micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) sensors, multi-sensor data fusion is presented;

    -Numerous illustrative examples, design examples, laboratory experiments, practical applications, and realistic case studies are provided;

    -The presentation is student friendly while presenting both basic and advanced topics;

    -The book can serve as both a textbook for a course in sensors, mechatronics or instrumentation, and a reference tool for practitioners."
    —Ben M. Chen, National University of Singapore

    "Sensor Systems: Fundamentals and Applications is the most comprehensive reference for sensors in engineering systems. It covers all the required fields for undergraduate and graduate teaching as well as a comprehensive reference for research and engineering applications. It is therefore a necessary reference for all engineers and students. In today’s engineering systems, use of sensors is inevitable. Particularly, in mechanical, biomedical, structural, electrical and aerospace engineering disciplines. Sensors are the fundamental component of any mechatronic system. In today’s critical engineering areas such as unmanned systems, robotics, biomedical engineering, environmental science, and energy, the role of sensor systems is considered as the most important topic in the center of design and understanding of such systems. This unique comprehensive book allows engineers, students, and researchers to better understand the sensor systems and technologies for a very wide range of applications and multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary fields."
    — Farbod Khoshnoud, California State University, Fresno, USA

    "The text focuses on systems of sensors, as opposed to individual sensors, which fits into the larger context of mechatronic system design and provides a valuable addition to texts on control theory and the implementation of designed controllers. The inclusion of MATLAB is appreciated, both for student proficiency in sensor systems and practice in using current computational tools. Finally, the mix of both conceptual and computational practice problems encourages students to both think critically about the problem as well as be capable of designing a sensor system."
    — James A. Mynderse, Lawrence Technological University, Michigan, USA