1st Edition

Sex Ed for Grown-Ups How to Talk to Children and Young People about Sex and Relationships

By Jonny Hunt Copyright 2022
    340 Pages 50 Color Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    340 Pages 50 Color Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    When it comes to talking to children and young people about sex and relationships, it is difficult to know what to say. How do you answer their questions? How much is too much? And what is age appropriate?

    Sex Ed for Grown-Ups is an open and honest guide that empowers adults to talk to young people about all things sex and relationships.

    Written by an independent relationships and sex education consultant, this light-hearted and accessible book encourages grown-ups to think and talk about the topics that scare them the most: from body parts, gender, puberty and first-time sex, to pornography, sexting and knowing what to do when things go wrong. Full of hints, tips and first-hand stories, it is a fun, compassionate and engaging exploration of relationships and sex, which will help adults to fully support young people as they develop a healthy view of both sex and themselves.

    Sex Ed for Grown-Ups is essential reading for parents, teachers, youth workers, social workers and any adult who wants to have well-informed and positive conversations with the children and young people in their lives.

    Introduction  Part One: Before we get started  i. The issue with ‘nice’  ii. Being normal?  iii. What’s the message?  iv. Approaching menace  v. Quiz  Part Two: Bodies  1. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes… mind the gap  2. All aboard the tour bus  3. Lumps, bumps, and hairy bits  4. Where do babies come from  5. Get your hands out of your pants, it’s dirty…  Part Three: Sex  6. What is sex?  7. Making sex safe  8. Making sex safe: Contraception  9. Making sex safe: Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)  10. Making sex safe: Consent & Sexual Citizenship  11. What to do when things go wrong  Part Four: Sex Media  12. Pornography and Sex media  13. Reading between the lines of mainstream media  14. Mobile phones & life online  15. Sexing - Shameless Sexting  Conclusion  Quiz Answers


    Jonny Hunt is an independent relationships and sex education (RSE) consultant. Jonny has spent his career working face to face with children and young people of various ages (from four years upwards), and training the professionals who work with them around all aspects of sex and relationships. Jonny specialises in delivering inclusive RSE, with a rights-based approach, encouraging both adults and young people to explore their values and attitudes to sex and relationships.

    Jonny Hunt knows his stuff. For years he’s given dynamic sex-education lessons to children and young people. Now, to bring adults up to speed, he has transcribed his down-to-earth approach into this informative, big-hearted, open-minded book. It puts sex and relationships topics into social, emotional and historical perspective with solid research, personal and professional anecdotes, empathy, humour and an insightful angle on how unequally girls and boys experience growing up. As parents, we have a lot to learn before we become more comfortable talking openly with our digital-native kids. Sex Ed for Grown-Ups points us in the right direction

    Leah Jewett, Outspoken Sex Ed Director


    In this excellent book, Jonny Hunt explores the myths and challenges of speaking about sex and relationships, and offers much sensible and practical advice around the topic. A practitioner of considerable experience and expertise in working in both primary and secondary settings, Jonny brings a conversational and reassuring tone to tackle all aspects of relationships and sex education, from early conversations with very young children to the more mature areas such as pornography and teen sexting. It will give readers the confidence to engage with these issues in a fact-based and young person-focussed manner, and I would recommend it not only for parents but also teachers of relationships education and the wider children’s workforce. 

    Andy Phippen, Professor of Digital Rights, Bournemouth University