1st Edition

Sex Ed on the Cards Changing the Conversation around Sex, Bodies, Consent and Relationships

By Sophie Manning, Leah Jewett Copyright 2021
    60 Pages 6 Color Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    Sex Ed on the Cards is a fun, factual and LGBTQ+ inclusive resource for delivering effective and engaging relationships and sex education (RSE) to students aged 14+. For too long this education has focused on dangers and risks, but young people have the right, need, desire and curiosity to see the bigger sex-ed picture.

    The Question, Debate and Challenge cards provide an opportunity to discuss real-life facts and scenarios, promoting discussion and developing confidence and understanding. With 3 modes of game play – conversation, collaboration and competition – the cards allow young people to explore their attitudes, beliefs and values around key topics including body image, consent, pleasure, porn, sexual orientation and gender identity.

    Sex Ed on the Cards brings critical thinking to the table, encouraging…

    • Live conversation The game helps diffuse any awkwardness in face-to-face exchanges about sex and relationships issues. It also acknowledges the benefits of digital literacy, signposting reliable online resources for teens
    • Sexual literacy The game acknowledges digital natives’ possible awareness of and in-depth exposure to a range of material and helps them interpret what they may already have seen
    • Social action Made for a generation that cares deeply about equality, diversity and social justice, these cards introduce relevant modern concepts in a social-action context

    Created by Outspoken Sex Ed and illustrated by Sex Ed Matters – social enterprises passionate about honest conversation around sex and relationships – this card game is an invaluable resource to support relationships and sex education for students aged 14+.

    Intended for use in educational settings and/or therapy contexts under the supervision of an adult. This is not a toy.

    Instruction Cards: How to play  Question Cards: Do you have the facts?  Debate Cards: What do you think?  Challenge Cards: Are you ready for action?


    Outspoken Sex Ed gets young people talking openly with the adults in their lives about sex, bodies, consent and relationships. Outspoken's interactive website, topical newsletter and inspiring live events offer bitesize, practical, expert advice from the best sex educators around to help children, parents and professionals change the sex-education conversation. 

    An innovative approach to facilitating debate and discussion between young people and adults, this resource tackles the key issues that young people face in a constructive, non-judgmental and light-hearted fashion. Young people want inclusive, sex-positive and holistic education, and the most effective approaches respect their rights and legitimacy as developing sexual citizens. These values are incorporated into the game, making it a must for adults interested in young people’s sexual wellbeing and development. Sex Ed on the Cards will help young people to critically reflect on different aspects of sex and relationships and to become aware of organisations that provide support. I can imagine that adults and young people alike will enjoy working through the game, with both having the potential to learn and develop their insights and perspectives. This collaborative approach will help adults ensure that relationships and sex education (RSE) resonates with young people and meaningfully impacts their lives.

    Dr Emily Setty Lecturer in Criminology, University of Surrey, and expert in young people’s digital sexual lives


    This card game is fun, thought-provoking and refreshing! It will foster discussion and debate around sexual health topics relevant to today’s society in an inclusive and thoughtful way. Would strongly recommend Sex Ed on the Cards to enhance any relationships and sex education (RSE) curriculum.

    Dr Naomi Sutton Consultant Physician at the Integrated Sexual Health Services, The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust and TV doctor on E4’s The Sex Clinic


    A fun way for young people to explore their values, improve their language for, and importantly, their confidence in discussing sex and relationships. It is a properly LGBT-inclusive resource that will liven up learning about relationships in school or youth-work settings. The prompts will help "digital natives" to make sense of the images they have seen online and, by discussing porn, pleasure, consent, body image and sexual identity, to develop crucial life skills. Sex Ed on the Cards is a well-informed pack that signposts to appropriate resources for young people and flags the bravery of admitting to not knowing something.

    Professor Pam Alldred Professor of Children, Youth and Community in the Department of Social Work, Care and Community (SWCC), School of Social Sciences, Nottingham Trent University


    This useful and stimulating set of cards will bring the subject of sex and relationships into a clearer light and provoke lively, relevant discussion in PSHE (personal social health economic education) lessons. Outspoken Sex Ed is clearly doing an important job giving these crucial themes more accessibility to young teenagers. Students are often confused about issues such as consent and gender. This game will give them a safe opportunity to explore and discuss them further. I am looking forward to using Sex Ed on the Cards in the year 9 to 11 classes that I teach.

    Sharon Massey PSHE teacher, Fortismere School, London


    This is a really enjoyable educational game. The extra information at the bottom of the cards is really useful to give an explanation about some of the answers rather than just saying which is correct like most standard class games. I think it’s really good that the number of players can vary so much – it allows for everyone to get involved. I learned a lot from playing Sex Ed on the Cards, especially with the Debate cards, which provide an excellent way to start talking openly about topics that would be hard to bring up in a regular conversation.

    Emily Harpham-Wells University of Birmingham student, age 18


    Quality relationships and sex education (RSE) gives young people the building blocks and skills they need to navigate the sometimes challenging path to adulthood. Sex Ed on the Cards is a brilliant resource that reflects the modern challenges faced by young people, providing opportunities to discuss issues in a safe and supportive environment. The inclusion of LGBT+ identities and modern-day realities of HIV is fantastic to see and exactly the kind of information all young people should be getting in school.

    Liam Beattie Sex-education campaigner and commentator