Shell Structures: Theory and Applications Volume 4 : Proceedings of the 11th International Conference
1st Edition

Shell Structures: Theory and Applications Volume 4
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference "Shell Structures: Theory and Applications, (SSTA 2017), October 11-13, 2017, Gdansk, Poland

ISBN 9781138050457
Published September 28, 2017 by CRC Press
594 Pages

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Book Description

Shells are basic structural elements of modern technology and everyday life. Examples of shell structures in technology include automobile bodies, water and oil tanks, pipelines, silos, wind turbine towers, and nanotubes. Nature is full of living shells such as leaves of trees, blooming flowers, seashells, cell membranes or wings of insects. In the human body arteries, the eye shell, the diaphragm, the skin and the pericardium are all shells as well.

Shell Structures: Theory and Applications, Volume 4 contains 132 contributions presented at the 11th Conference on Shell Structures: Theory and Applications (Gdansk, Poland, 11-13 October 2017). The papers reflect a wide spectrum of scientific and engineering problems from theoretical modelling through strength, stability and dynamic behaviour, numerical analyses, biomechanic applications up to engineering design of shell structures.

Shell Structures: Theory and Applications, Volume 4 will be of interest to academics, researchers, designers and engineers dealing with modelling and analyses of shell structures. It may also provide supplementary reading to graduate students in Civil, Mechanical, Naval and Aerospace Engineering.

Table of Contents

General lectures

Computational models for the multifield analysis of laminated shells and related best theory diagrams
E. Carrera & M. Petrolo

Micro/nanoscale assembly of three-dimensional shell/ribbon architectures by compressive buckling
H. Fu &Y. Zhang

Topology and material optimization of plates and shells
T. Lewi´nski, S. Czarnecki, R. Czubacki &T. Sokół

Solid-shell formulations based on reduced integration—investigations of anisotropic material behaviour, large deformation problems and stability
S. Reese, O. Barfusz, M. Schwarze & J.-W. Simon

Challenges and their resolution in both philosophy and process to exploit advanced computation in shell structure design
J.M. Rotter

Theoretical modelling

Asymptotic modelling of thin almost circular nonlinear interphases in the setting of heat transfer featuring significant sources/sinks
D. Andreeva &W. Miszuris

On isotropic linear elastic material laws for directed planes
M. Aßmus, J. Eisenträger & H. Altenbach

Nonlinear bending analysis of functionally graded plates with complex shape resting on elastic foundations
J. Awrejcewicz, L.V. Kurpa & K.I. Lyubitska

Modelling of equivalent shells of revolution with negative Gaussian curvature
T. Belica & K. Magnucki

Design optimization and failure modelling of ribbed cross-laminated timber plates
B. Brank, A. Stani´c, M. Lavrencic & B. Hudobivnik

Lagrangian mechanics of classical shells: Theory and calculation of shells of revolution
V.V. Eliseev &T.V. Zinovieva

On bending of laminate plates with interfacial stresses
V.A. Eremeyev, V.I. Kushch & F. Stachowicz

On characterization of an elastic network within the six-parameter shell theory
V.A. Eremeyev

On extended models of plates based on linear strain gradient elasticity
V.A. Eremeyev & E.C. Aifantis

On phase equilibrium of an elastic liquid shell with wedge disclination
V.A. Eremeyev &V. Konopinska-Zmysłowska

Biaxial bias extension test for pantographic sheets
I. Giorgio, U. Andreaus & D. Scerrato

Modelling of heat conduction in multi-layered shells on planar mesh
J. Ja´skowiec & P. Plucinski

General and standard tolerance models of thin two-directional periodic plates
J. Je˛drysiak

A cylindrical membrane partially stretched over a rigid cone
A.M. Kolesnikov & I.S. Purtova

On mechanical moduli of single layer graphene sheets
S.N. Korobeynikov, V.V. Alyokhin &A.V. Babichev

A study on transverse shear correction for laminated sandwich panels
I. Kreja &A. Sabik

Interaction of rectangular sandwich plates with waves in acoustic medium
N.A. Lokteva & D.V. Tarlakovskii

Adhesion model of hyperfine shells (SWNT)
S.A. Lurie, P.A. Belov & N.P. Tuchkova

On the modeling of periodic three-layered structures with inert core
J. Marczak & J. Je˛drysiak

Dynamic tolerance modeling of plane-structure with bidirectional microstructure
B. Michalak & M. Rabenda

Damage growth of laminated composite structures containing a hole
A. Muc & M. Sikon

Thermoelastic problems of periodically stratified thick plates
E. Pazera & J. Je˛drysiak

Structural behaviour of sandwich structures with local debondings between the core and the facings
Z. Pozorski & J. Pozorska

Homogenization of a second order plate model
E. Pruchnicki

Theory of thin plate in asymmetric elasticity
N.N. Rogacheva

Dislocations, disclinations, and metric anomalies as sources of global strain incompatibility in thin shells
A. Roychowdhury &A. Gupta

The construction of Timoshenko type theory for elastic multilayered shells
S.H. Sargsyan

On the shear stiffness influence for modelling of deformations of pantographic sheets
D. Scerrato, I.A. Zhurba Eremeeva, T. Lekszycki & N.L. Rizzi

Equilibrium of cracked shell with flexible coating
I.P. Shatskyi, M.V. Makoviichuk &A.B. Shcherbii

Review of estimation of failure resistance of cylindrical pressure vessels with internal cracks
B. Szybinski & P. Romanowicz

On the compatibility equations in shell theories considering transverse shear and normal strains
D.V. Tarlakovskii & S.I. Zhavoronok

How to easily model doubly curved shells with variable radii of curvature
F. Tornabene, N. Fantuzzi & M. Bacciocchi

Applied theory of shallow multilayered or functionally graded shells
P.E. Tovstik &T.P. Tovstik

Torsion of an elastic transversely isotropic half-space with a coating reinforced by a functionally graded interlayer
A.S. Vasiliev, S.S. Volkov & S.M. Aizikovich

A general higher-order shell theory based on the analytical dynamics of constrained continuum systems
S.I. Zhavoronok

The equations of motion of micropolar elastic shells in cylindrical Eulerian coordinates
L.M. Zubov


Local stability of a plate with a circular inclusion under tensile stress
S.M. Bauer, S.V. Kashtanova, N.F. Morozov &A.M. Ermakov

Methods of analysis of large deformation and stability of elastoplastic shells
V.G. Bazhenov, A.I. Kibec, E.V. Nagornykh &A.A. Artemyeva

A plastic flow based plate buckling theory
J. Becque

The effects of varying axial length on buckling of axially compressed cylinders
J. Błachut

On instability of a three-layered nonlinear elastic rectangular plate with prestressed middle layer
V.V. Eremeev & L.M. Zubov

Buckling and optimal design of ring-stiffened thin cylindrical shell
S. Filippov

Exploring islands of stability in the design space of cylindrical shell structures
R.M.J. Groh &A. Pirrera

Numerical investigations on buckling of cylindrical metal silos with corrugated sheets and open-sectional column profiles
P. Hajko, J. Tejchman & M. Wójcik

A novel method for estimating minimum strength for elastic buckling under axial compression of thin shell structure
K. Hayashi & M. Ishinabe

Buckling of simplified models of silo with corrugated walls and vertical stiffeners
P. Iwicki, K. Rejowski & J. Tejchman

Buckling of thin-walled steel shells with closely spaced, discrete and flexible anchors under wind load
A. Jäger-Cañás, J. Bothe & K. Thiele

Experimental investigations of buckling of pressurized spherical caps
S. Kołodziej & J. Marcinowski

Influence of elements of coupling stiffness sub-matrix on nonlinear stability FGM-FML thin-walled columns with open cross-section
Z. Kolakowski, R.J. Mania &A. Teter

Deformation and stability of thin-walled shallow shells in the case of periodically non-uniform stress-strain state
V.L. Krasovsky, O.V. Lykhachova &Ya.O. Bessmertnyi

Elastic buckling of a sandwich cylindrical panel with corrugated core
K. Magnucki, S. Milecki & E. Magnucka-Blandzi

Thin laminated cylindrical shells containing magnetorheological elastomers: Buckling and vibrations
G. Mikhasev

Buckling analysis of multilayered plates with embedded circular delaminations and subjected to axial compression
A. Muc & P. Romanowicz

Geometrically nonlinear strain and buckling analysis of sandwich plates and shells reinforced on their edge
V.N. Paimushin, M.V. Makarov, I.B. Badriev & S.A. Kholmogorov

On stability of a nonlinearly elastic rectangular plate with surface stresses
D.N. Sheydakov

Elastic postbuckling deformation analysis of thin periodic plates
M. Swia˛tek & Ł. Domagalski

High-fidelity design methods to determine knockdown factors for the buckling load of axially loaded composite cylindrical shells
H.N.R.Wagner, C. Hühne, S. Niemann & L.Weiß

Stability of a multilayered non-circular cylindrical shell under external pressure
A. Zelinskaya & P.E. Tovstik


Compound shell structures: Statics, stability and vibrations
Ya. Grigorenko, E. Bespalova & N. Yaremchenko

Modelling of elastic wave propagation in a bolted joint using a thin layer of shell elements
R. Ke˛dra & M. Rucka

Analysis of modal parameters of box shaped laminated shells
B. Markiewicz & L. Ziemianski

Transient contact problem for spherical shell and elastic half-space
E.Yu. Mikhailova, G.V. Fedotenkov & D.V. Tarlakovskii

The impact of liquid filled concentric spherical shells with a rigid wall
E.Yu. Mikhailova, G.V. Fedotenkov & D.V. Tarlakovskii

Numerical analysis of free vibrations of a tube shaped laminated cantilever
B. Miller & L. Ziemianski

On the research of nonstationary dynamic problems for visco-elastic cylindrical shells
A.V. Netrebko & S.G. Pshenichnov

Acoustic influence on the plate, located between the barriers and fixed through the elastic interlayers in the cell of the rigid lattice
V.N. Paimushin & R.K. Gazizullin

Influence of imperfection of supported edges of three-layered annular plate on dynamic response
D. Pawlus

Application of guided waves in the evaluation of steel-concrete adhesive connection
M. Rucka & B. Zima

Lamb wave propagation in a single lap adhesive joint
M. Rucka, J. Lachowicz & E.Wojtczak

Using the R-functions theory for investigation of nonlinear vibrations of FGM shallow shells
T.V. Shmatko &A. Bhaskar

Dynamic modelling of thin longitudinally graded cylindrical shells
B. Tomczyk & P. Szczerba

Tolerance modelling of dynamic problems for thin biperiodic shells
B. Tomczyk &A. Litawska

Numerical analysis

Finite element simulation of cross shaped window panel supports
A. Ambroziak

Modal analysis of a fish-belly flap type of steel water gate
K. Brusewicz,W. Sterpejkowicz-Wersocki & R. Jankowski

Dual and mixed axisymmetric shell finite elements using NURBS mid-surface interpolation
D. Burmeister & B. Tóth

Mixed 4-node shell element with assumed strain and stress in 6-parameter theory
J. Chróscielewski, S. Burzynski, K. Daszkiewicz &W.Witkowski

Nonlinear FEM analysis of irregular shells composed of fiber metal laminates
J. Chróscielewski, S. Burzynski, A. Sabik, B. Sobczyk &W.Witkowski

Triangular and quadrilateral flat shell finite elements for nonlinear analysis of thin-walled reinforced concrete structures in SCAD software
S.Yu. Fialko &V.S. Karpilovskyi

Physical shape functions in 6-parameter shell theory finite elements
W. Gilewski, A. Al Sabouni-Zawadzka & J. Pełczynski

A mixed refined zigzag theory for the modeling of layered plate structures
M. Köpple &W.Wagner

Strength and buckling of an untypical dished head of a cylindrical pressure vessel
K. Magnucki, M. Rodak & P. Jasion

Estimation of sandwich cylindrical shells with the FRP skins and the core of the mineral wool plates
M.V. Mishnev

FEM simulation of laminate failure in the three point bending
A. Sabik

A simplified co-rotational approach for triangular shell elements based on the pure deformational mode
Y.Q. Tang & S.L. Chan

Computer simulation of cylindrical shell deformation based on micropolar media equations
M. Varygina

Recent improvements to nine-node shell element MITC9 with drilling rotations
K.Wisniewski & E. Turska

Analytical aspects of the 3D-based hierarchical models of three-dimensional, transition and symmetric-thickness piezoelectrics as applied in adaptive FEM
G. Zboinski

Engineering design

Shape transformations of folded sheets providing shell free forms for roofing
J. Abramczyk

Sensitivity analysis in design process of sandwich U-shaped composite footbridge
T. Ferenc, Ł. Pyrzowski, J. Chróscielewski &T. Mikulski

The validation process of truss model with joint eccentricities
M. Gordziej-Zagórowska, E. Urba´nska-Galewska & Ł. Pyrzowski

Imperfection sensitivity study of discretely supported shells with vertical stiffeners
E. Hotała, Ł, Skotny & J. Klimiuk

Experimental investigation of limit load of composite sandwich plate with cut-out
H. Kopecki & Ł. Swie˛ch

The effect of corrosion and time on the behaviour of a steel culvert
B. Kunecki, L. Janusz & L. Korusiewicz

Influence of an applied bearing system on behaviour of multi-span footbridge
M. Miskiewicz & Ł. Pyrzowski

Load testing of a suspended footbridge in Radom (Poland)
M. Miskiewicz, Ł. Pyrzowski, K.Wilde, J. Chróscielewski & J. Kałuza

Deformations of multilayered laminated cylindrical shells arising during manufacturing process
A. Muc & P. Romanowicz

Imaging elastic degradation in reinforced concrete slab using methodology of ultrasonic tomography and Tikhonov regularization
Z. Perkowski, K. Tatara & M. Czabak

Experimental study and numerical calculations in the analysis of thin-walled structures
A. Piekarczuk

Numerical analysis of mechanical joint in thin-walled composite structures
K. Puchała, E. Szymczyk & J. Jachimowicz

Composite sandwich footbridge—measured dynamic response vs. FEA
Ł. Pyrzowski, B. Sobczyk, M. Rucka, M. Mi´skiewicz & J. Chróscielewski

Collapse mode of flange vertical buckling of an I-sectioned steel girder
S. Shimizu, T. Ohkawa & N. Tanaka

Analysis of sandwich panels with hybrid core made of aerogel and PIR foam
R. Studzinski

Optimum design of a small wind turbine
T. Szafranski, J. Małachowski, K. Damaziak & J. Bukała

Stress analysis of the bridge hangers in terms of the fatigue verification
M. Szafranski, T. Galewski & R. Łapigrowski

Analysis of the cyclic load-unload-reload tests of VALMEX aged fabric
K. Zerdzicki, P. Kłosowski & K.Woznica

Correlation between natural frequencies and buckling load in a stiffened shell
Ł. Z˙muda-Trzebiatowski & P. Iwicki

Launching of steel bridge girder. Application of nonlinear shell models
K. Zoltowski & M. Binczyk

Shell model of multiple-row moment I-section end-plate joint
K. Zoltowski & P. Kalitowski

Biomechanical problems

Accuracy of applanation tonometry readings before and after refractive surgery
S.M. Bauer, L. Venatovskaya & E. Voronkova

Surface sliding in human abdominal wall numerical models: Comparison of single-surface and multi-surface composites
P. Bielski & I. Lubowiecka

Membrane model of human abdominal wall. Simulations vs. in vivo measurements
I. Lubowiecka, A. Tomaszewska, K. Szepietowska, C. Szymczak, M. Lichodziejewska-Niemierko & M. Chmielewski

Parametric 3D FE model of coronary stent structure for radial force assessment
L. Mazurkiewicz, J. Bukala & J. Malachowski

Isogeometric Kirchhoff–Love shells: Numerics, constitution and biomechanical applications
F. Roohbakhshan, T.X. Duong & R.A. Sauer

Global sensitivity analysis of membrane model of abdominal wall with surgical mesh
K. Szepietowska, I. Lubowiecka, B. Magnain & E. Florentin

FEM approach to modelling of an irregular trabecular structure
W.Wojnicz & E.Wittbrodt

Miscellaneous topics

Application and mechanical properties of aluminium alloys
A. Ambroziak & M.T. Solarczyk

Failure of cold-formed beam: How does residual stress affect stability?
P. Bielski, O.Wysocki & J. Czy˙zewicz

TS-based RSM-aided design of cold-formed steel stiffened C-sectional columns susceptible to buckling
P. Deniziak & K.Winkelmann

Generation of random fields to reflect material and geometric imperfections of plates and shells
J. Górski & K.Winkelmann

Beams in plane bending
R. Kienzler & P. Schneider

Local buckling of compressed flange of cold-formed channel members made of aluminum alloy
M. Kujawa & C. Szymczak

Application of lightweight cement composite with foamed glass aggregate in shell structures
M. Kurpinska &T. Ferenc

Modal analysis of temporary steel grandstand equipped with different bracing systems
N. Lasowicz & R. Jankowski

Numerical simulation of hardening of concrete plate
A. Mariak, J. Chróscielewski & K.Wilde

Generalized Taylor formula and shell structures for the analysis of the interaction between geosythetics and engineering structures of transportation lines
E. Mieloszyk & S. Grulkowski

Nonlinear forced vibrations of periodic beams
M. Swia˛tek & Ł. Domagalski

Relation between optimal lattice shell shape and elastic curve
R. Tarczewski & M. Swie˛ciak

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Prof. Dr. Wojciech Pietraszkiewicz and Wojciech Witkowski (MSci) are both faculty members at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Department of Mechanics of Materials and Structures of Gdansk University of Technology in Gdansk, Poland.