1st Edition

Sleep Deprivation Clinical Issues, Pharmacology, and Sleep Loss Effects

Edited By Clete A. Kushida Copyright 2005
    624 Pages 41 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    Exploring the wide array of structures, substances, and environments that are primary factors in the initiation or inhibition of sleep, this reference highlights key findings from respected professionals around the globe on the social and economic burden of impaired performance, productivity, and safety arising from sleep deprivation-studying pharmacological treatment regimens for sleep disturbance, as well as cognitive and behavioral coping strategies.

    Evaluation of Sleep Loss. Questionnaires and Rating Scales. Multiple Sleep Latency Test. Maintenance of Wakefulness Test. Psychomotor Vigilance Performance: Neurocognitive Assay Sensitive to Sleep Loss. Major Sleep Disorders. Medical Conditions and Diseases. Neonates. Inadequate Sleep in Children and Adolescents. Pregnancy and Postpartum. Epidemiologic Health Impact. Societal and Economic Impact of Sleep Loss and Sleepiness. General Occupational Implications of Round-the-Clock Operations. Impact on Self-Reported, Performance, Effort, and Motivation. Driving Performance. Commercial and Public Transportation Impact. Military Operational Effectiveness. Athletic Performance. Medical Resident/Physician Performance. Legal Implications. Stimulants. Behavioral and Environmental Countermeasures. Naps. Sleep Restriction as Therapy for Insominia. Recovery from Sleep Deprivation. Sleep Length. The Role of Endogenous Sleep-Promoting Substances. Role of Pharmacology Interventions for Sleep Deprivation. Eliminating Cumulative Sleep Debt and Sleep Satiation. A Concluding Note on Sleep Deprivation and Sleep Mechanisms.
    "…In this scholarly and extensively referenced book, which brings together commentary and discussion from a large group of expert investigators, readers will find detailed accounts of may obvious and not-so-obvious problems concerning sleep deprivation."
    -New England Journal of Medicine

    "…readily accessible to readers without previous in-depth experience in sleep physiology or medicine….an excellent desktop manual."
    -Annals of Internal Medicine