1st Edition

Social Status and Power in Java

By L. H. Palmier Copyright 1969

    This book is a closely-observed anthropological study of life in two small Javanese towns and, at the same time, it attempts a general analysis on sociological lines of some key characteristics of contemporary Javanese society. In particular, the author's examination of the manner in which a pre-existing authoritarian system is being adapted to republican institutions grounded in democratic ideas helps us to understand many of Indonesia's present-day social and political problems.

    I. Outline of Indonesia 1 2. Status-Systems 10 3. Objectives and Methods 14 4. Social Characteristics of One Small Town 225. The Javanese Regents 29 6. Status and Kinship among the Javanese Nobility 38 7. Regents and Wives 50 8. Maternal Status, Kinship and Appointments 58 9. Poverty and Honour 81 Appendix: Javanese New Year Visiting Patterns 93 10. Nobility and Officials 96 I11. Javanese-Chinese Relationships 108 12. The Provisional Regional People's Representative Assembly (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah Semen tara) 124 13. Informal Relationships among Officials 139 14. The Public Recognition of Status 48 15. The Transmission of Power 156 References 167 Index 169


    Leslie H. Palmier (Author)