1st Edition

Social Studies and Diversity Education What We Do and Why We Do It

    430 Pages
    by Routledge

    432 Pages
    by Routledge

    The preparation of social studies teachers is crucial not only to the project of good education, but, even more broadly, to the cultivation of a healthy democracy and the growth of a nation’s citizens. This one-of-a-kind resource features ideas from over 100 of the field's most thoughtful teacher educators reflecting on their best practices and offering specific strategies through which future teachers can learn to teach, thus illuminating the careful planning and deep thinking that go into the preparation of the social studies teachers. While concentrating on daily teaching realities such as lesson planning and meeting national, state, or provincial standards, each contributor also wrestles with the most important current issues on educating teachers for today’s increasingly diverse, complex, and global society.

    Features of this unique teaching resource include:

      • Volume sections that are arranged by both disciplinary organization and approach or activity.
      • Thoughtful introductory section essays that conceptualize each theme, providing a conscientious theoretical overview and analysis of each individual section.
      • Rich and concrete examples of best practice from some of the field's most diverse and highly regarded scholars and teacher educators
      • An index that identifies the appropriate teaching level and teacher education context and links the strategies and ideas that are presented in the essay to the relevant INTASC and NCSS standards for quick reference in classroom planning as well as institutional development and implementation.

    A much-needed addition to the field, this comprehensive volume will be of value to any teacher interested in social studies or diversity education across age groups and educational contexts.

    Foreword: Contribution to Teacher Education, Marilyn Cochran-Smith

    Foreword: Contribution to Social Studies, Stephanie van Hover and Keith C. Barton

    Foreword: Contribution to Multicultural Pedagogy, Alexandra C. Rolfsmeyer and Adam J. Greteman

    Introduction: How to Use This Book

    Section 1: Purposes, Beliefs, and Contexts in Social Studies Education

    Section 2: Democratic Values and Government

    Section 3: Evidence and Interpretation in History

    Section 4: History in Social Context

    Section 5: Perspective Consciousness about Identity, Power and Culture

    Section 6: Local and Global Communities and Economies

    Section 7: Current Events and Controversies

    Section 8: Using a Range of Resources

    Section 9: Instruction and Designing Curriculum

    Conclusion: The present and future of Teaching Methods in Social Studies and Diversity Education: Teaching Methods in Social Studies and Diversity Education: A Critical Review




    Elizabeth E. Heilman, Ramona Fruja, Matthew Missias

    "This book serves as an excellent reference for those developing new and modifying existing courses related to social studies and diversity education. It is cross-referenced well with comprehensive indexes. The book is very easy to use given its well-organized format....Due to the rich nature of this vast collection of essays related to social studies and diversity education, there is something useful here for anyone interested in promoting history, social sciences, multiculturalism, and/or teacher education."--Theory and Research in Social Education

    "I am struck by how rich the classrooms of these professors are, and how fortunate the preservice teachers to be in them. Social Studies and Diversity Education is not only a valuable resource for professors of social studies and history methods, it contains a wealth of ideas and strategies for the reflective classroom teacher seeking to grow in what they do. I know my middle school students will benefit from the ideas contained within it!"--Michael Yell, Past-President of National Council for the Social Studies; Nationally Board Certified Teacher; Hudson Middle School