1st Edition

Social Sustainability and Good Work in Organizations

Edited By Simon Jebsen, Klarissa Lueg Copyright 2024
    218 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This edited research monograph collects nine unique research contributions on the concept of social sustainability and its connection to possibilities and hindrances for good work in organisations. Social sustainability, in organisational contexts, emphasizes the long-term well-being of stakeholders and communities. The authors in this book demonstrate how organisational long-term strategies should prioritise employee well-being, mental health, community engagement, and ethical supply chain management, inter alia. Readers, from undergraduate students to the research community, will learn how long-term social sustainability orientation is different from Corporate Social Responsibility, which responds to immediate stakeholder expectations. The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals have nudged many organisations to implement social sustainability, and many authors in this book relate to UN concepts such as the SDGs or Global Compact’s definition of social sustainability. However, many organisations have come under scrutiny for acting merely ceremonial to live up to the current megatrends. In consequence, readers will take away that the line between genuine corporate mission and ceremonial lip services must be critically observed, and how this can be done in different areas. Key chapters of this book explore social sustainability, e.g., in higher education (as sustainable knowledge in business students), in corporate communication (employee identification, corporate volunteering, and corporate heritage), and in sustainable human resource management practices. Workplace toxicity, especially towards minorities, is explored, highlighting both the role of bystanders, and the financial repercussions of ignoring workplace harassment. Digital transformation's social implications, employee well-being, and the importance of psychological safety in startups are addressed. The chapters, all together, signify the relevance of meaningful work for long-term societal cohesion and individual fulfilment.

    00. Social Sustainability and Good Work in Organisations: exploring how and why a recent phenomenon is being enacted             

    Klarissa Lueg, Simon Jebsen

    01. Exploring the Relationship between Sustainable Knowledge, Entrepreneurial Skills, and Sustainable Entrepreneurial Intention among First-Year Business Students

    Simon Jebsen, Sylvia Rohlfer

    02. Enlisting employees in social sustainability activities: How organisations discursively position employees as volunteers in their communication

    Trine Susanne Johansen

    03. Corporate Heritage and Social Sustainability: the role businesses can (and should) play in maintaining heritage and culture

    Klarissa Lueg

    04. The role of bystandership for socially sustainable and inclusive police organizations

    Jens Rennstam, Katie Sullivan

    05. How do investors react to problematic social issues in organizations? Evidence from the literature on workplace sexual harassment

    Yassin Denis Bouzzine, Rainer Lueg

    06. “Digital transformation is 20 percent about technological issues and 80 percent about social issues” – Negotiating social sustainability in the course of organizations’ digital transformation

    Angela Graf

    07. Psychological safety and social integration in a start-up context

    Mia Thyregod Rasmussen

    08. Leading for better health: using signalling theory and German panel data to explain leader's role in social sustainability

    Lydia Bendixen

    09. The Sustainable HRM-SDG Nexus: Contributions to global sustainable development

    Paul Baldassari, Michael Muller-Camen, Ina Aust

    10. The Way Forward: Future Research Directions in Social Sustainability Across Sectors

    Simon Jebsen, Klarissa Lueg


    Klarissa Lueg is an Associate Professor of Organisational Communication and Research Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Organizing Social Sustainability at the University of Southern Denmark.

    Simon Jebsen is an Associate Professor of Management and Research Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Organizing Social Sustainability at the University of Southern Denmark.