1st Edition

Soft Computing in Chemical and Physical Sciences A Shift in Computing Paradigm

    This book can be regarded as 'Soft computing for physicists and chemists self-taught'. It prepares the readers with a solid background of soft computing and how to adapt soft computing techniques to problem solving in physical and chemical research. Soft computing methods have been little explored by researchers in physical and chemical sciences primarily because of the absence of books that bridge the gap between the traditional computing paradigm pursued by researchers in science and the new soft computing paradigm that has emerged in computer science. This book is the interface between these primary sources and researchers in physics and chemistry.

    A New Computing Paradigm. Genetic Algorithms. Evolutionary Computing. Random Mutation Hill Climbing and Simulated Annealing Methods. Swarm Intelligence. Application of Soft-computing in Physics. Soft Computing in Chemistry. Artificial Neural Networks. Fuzzy Systems. Quantum and Soft-Computing.


    Professor Shankar Prasad Bhattacharyya is a Senior Professor at the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata, India. His distinguished career in theoretical chemistry spans a period of over 35 years. His work on the development of new computational techniques for the treatment of complex problems in molecular chemistry and physics is well documented by an impressive list of highly influential publications in the field, devoted both to traditional mathematical techniques and, more recently, to SC-oriented approaches.