1st Edition

Soft Materials Structure and Dynamics

Edited By John R. Dutcher, Alejandro G. Marangoni Copyright 2004

    Representing the wide breadth academic disciplines involved in this ever-expanding area of research, this reference provides a comprehensive overview of current scientific and technological advancements in soft materials analysis and application. Documenting new and emerging challenges in this burgeoning field, Soft Materials is a unique and outstanding reference for the industrial scientist or materials engineer.

    Supplies more than 1000 references, tables, and equations for an excellent introduction to the study of soft material physics and utilization.

    Synthetic Polymers
    Mobility on Different Length Scales in Thin Polymer Films, C.B. Roth and J.R. Dutcher
    Crystallization of Thin Polymer Films: Crystallinity, Kinetics, and Morphology, V.H. Mareau and R.E. Prud'homme
    Deformation, Stretching, and Relaxation of Single-Polymer Chains: Fundamentals and Examples, G.W. Slater, Y. Gratton, M. Kenward, L. McCOrmick, and F. Tessier
    Science and Engineering of Nanoparticle-Polymer Composites: Insights from Computer Simulation, F.W. Starr and S.C. Glotzer

    Complex Fluids
    Polymeric Additives as Modifiers of Hydrocarbon Crystallization Behavior, J. L. Hutter
    Confinement and Shear Effects on the Structure of a Smectic Liquid-Crystal Complex Fluid, S.H.J. Idziak
    Macroscopic Rheological Behavior of Dispersions of Soft Rubberlike Solid Particles, R. Pal

    Computer Simulations of Mechanical Micromanipulation of Proteins, A.S. Lemak, J.R. Lepock, and J.Z.Y. Chen
    Strucure-Function Relationships of Aspartic Proteinases, R.Y. Yada and T. Tanaka
    Computer Simulation of Soft Mesoscopic Systems Using Dissipative Particle Dynamics, D.A. Pink

    Food Materials
    Crystallization of Bulk Fats Under Shear, G. Mazzanti, S.E. Guthrie, E.B. Sirota, A.G. Marangoni, and S.H.J. Idziak
    Foods at Subzero Temperatures, H.D. Goff
    Biogenic Cellular Solids, M.G. Scanlon
    Modeling of Formation and Rheology of Protein Particle Gels, J.H.J. van Opheusden



    Dutcher\, John R.; Marangoni\, Alejandro G.

    "…this book provides an interdisciplinary approach to the control and understanding of soft materials and is a unique and outstanding reference for the industrial scientist or materials engineer."
    -Carbohydrate Polymers, 2006

    "Overall, the book was successful in meeting its goal of cross-fertilization."
    JOM, Sept. 2005