1st Edition

Biomaterials Principles and Applications

Edited By Joon B. Park, Joseph D. Bronzino Copyright 2002
    264 Pages 97 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Biomaterials: Principles and Applications offers a comprehensive review of all the major biomaterials in this rapidly growing field. In recent years, the role of biomaterials has been influenced considerably by advances in many areas of biotechnology and science, as well as advances in surgical techniques and instruments. Comprising chapters contributed by a panel of international experts, this text provides a familiarity with the uses of materials in medicine and dentistry and the rational basis for these applications. It covers such subjects as biodegradable polymeric materials and their relation to tissue engineering, biologic materials, and biomaterials applications in soft and hard tissues. Nearly one hundred figures and tables further add to the value of this book. Concise, topical, and not overly technical — no other book covers the entire field of biomaterials so succinctly in one volume.

    Metallic Biomaterials, J.B. Park and Y.K. Kim 
    Stainless Steels • CoCr Alloys • Ti Alloys • Dental Metals • Other Metals • Corrosion of Metallic Implants • Manufacturing of Implants
    Ceramic Biomaterials, W.G. Billotte
    Nonabsorbable or Relatively Bioinert Bioceramics • Biodegradable or Resorbable Ceramics • Bioactive or Surface-Reactive Ceramics • Deterioration of Ceramics • Bioceramic Manufacturing Techniques
    Polymeric Biomaterials, H.B. Lee, G. Khang, and J.H. Lee
    Polymerization and Basic Structure • Polymers Used as Biomaterials • Sterilization • Surface Modifications for Improving Biocompatability • Chemogradient Surfaces for Cell and Protein Interaction
    Composite Biomaterials, R. Lakes
    Structure • Bounds on Properties • Anisotropy of Composites • Particulate Composites • Fibrous Composites • Porous Materials • Biocompatibility
    Biodegradable Polymeric Biomaterials: An Updated Overview, C.-C. Chu
    Glycolide/Lactide Based Biodegradable Linear Aliphatic Polyesters • Non-Glycolide/Lactide Based Linear Aliphatic Polyesters • Non-Alphatic Polyesters Type Biodegradable Polymers • Biodegradation Properties of Synthetic Biodegradable Polymers • The Role of Linear Aliphatic Biodegradable Polyesters in Tissue Engineering and Regeneration
    Biologic Biomaterials: Tissue-Derived Biomaterials (Collagen), S.-T. Li
    Structure and Properties of Collagen and Collagen-Rich Tissues • Biotechnology of Collagen • Design of a Resorbable Collagen-Based Medical Implant • Tissue Engineering for Tissue and Organ Regeneration
    Soft Tissue Replacements, K.B. Chandran, K.J.L. Burg, and S.W. Shalaby
    Blood-Interfacing Implants • Non-Blood-Interfacing Implants for Soft Tissues
    Hard Tissue Replacements, S-H. Park, A. Llinás, V.K. Goel, and J.C. Keller
    Bone Repair and Joint Implants • Dental Implants: The Relationship of Materials Characteristics to Biologic Properties
    Preservation Techniques for Biomaterials, R. Coger and M. Toner
    Phase Behavior • Nonfreezing Storage: Hypothermic • Freeze-Thaw Technology • Freeze-Drying • Vitrification • Summary
    Hip Joint Prosthesis Fixation-Problems and Possible Solutions, J.B. Park
    Acetabular Cup • Femoral Stem • Articulating Surface of the Acetabular Cup and Femoral Head


    Joon B. Park, Joseph D. Bronzino