2nd Edition

Bone Mechanics Handbook

Edited By Stephen C. Cowin Copyright 2001
    978 Pages 300 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This second edition of the Bone Mechanics Handbook summarizes the current understanding of bone mechanics with comprehensive coverage of the histology, physiology, and the cell and molecular biology of the bone. It is updated with the most recent advances on mechanical properties of the bone, most notably of cancellous bone, and the streaming potentials in the bone, which reflect the realization of the importance of fluid movement in bone tissue.

    Basic Biology
    Integrated Bone Tissue Physiology: Anatomy and Physiology (Jee)
    Cell Biology of Bone (Majeska)
    Molecular Biology Techniques to Measure Skeletal Gene Expression (Young and Dieudonné)
    Creating Transgenic Mice to Study Skeletal Function (Young and Xu)
    Bone Mineralization (Boskey)
    Techniques from Mechanics and Imaging
    Mechanics of Materials (Cowin)
    Experimental Techniques for Bone Mechanics (Turner and Burr)
    In Vivo Measurement of Bone Deformations Using Strain Gages (Fritton and Rubin)
    Imaging of Bone Structure (Rüegsegger)
    Mechanical and Architectural Properties of Bone
    Mechanical Properties of Cortical Bone and Cancellous Bone Tissue (Guo)
    Viscoelastic Properties of Cortical Bone (Lakes)
    Composite Models of Bone Properties (Lucchinetti)
    Dense Bone Tissue as a Molecular Composite (Lucchinetti)
    Quantification of Cancellous Bone Architecture (Odgaard)
    Elastic Constants of Cancellous Bone (von Rietbergen and Huiskes)
    Strength of Trabecular Bone (Keaveny)
    Observations of Damage in Bone (Jepsen, Davy, and Akkus)
    Bone Damage Mechanics (Davy and Jepsen)
    Ontogenic Changes in Compact Bone Material Properties (Currey)
    Mechanical Effects of Postmortem Changes, Preservation, and Allograft Bone Treatments (Martin and Sharkey)
    Flow of Fluids in Bone
    Blood Flow in Bone (Winet)
    Interstitial Fluid Flow (Knothe-Tate)
    Bone Poroelasticity (Cowin)
    Streaming Potentials in Bone (Pollack)
    The Intrinsic Permeability of Cancellous Bone (Arramon and Nauman)
    Bone Adaptation
    Pathophysiology of Functional Adaptation of Bone in Remodeling and Repair In Vivo (Goodship and Cunningham)
    Devices and Techniques for in Vitro Mechanical Stimulation of Bone Cells (Brown)
    Experiments on Cell Mechanosensitivity (Burger)
    Mechanosensory Mechanisms in Bone (Cowin and Moss)
    The False Premise of Wolff's Law (Cowin)
    Bone Modeling and Remodeling: Theories and Computation (Hart)
    Mechanics of Bone Regeneration (Prendergast and van der Meulen)
    Clinically Related Issues
    Applications of Bone Mechanics (Villarraga and Ford)
    Noninvasive Measurement of Bone Integrity (Kaufman and Siffert)
    Bone Prostheses and Implants (Prendergast)
    Design and Manufacture of Bone Replacement Scaffolds (Hollister, Chu, Halloran, and Feinberg)


    Stephen C. Cowin

    "…Dr. Cowin, to his great credit, has certainly utilized a wide angle lens this time. The book has grown dramatically…I found this work to be a very valuable addition to the research literature in bone mechanics. The editor and contributors are to be heartily congratulated. I would strongly recommend its addition to both personal and institutional libraries. I am particularly enthusiastic that the distinction between mechanics and biology has been blurred with the realization that the former cannot be fully appreciated without consideration of the latter…The goal of the updated edition was to capture the state-of-the-art in bone-mechanics research, which has been achieved with outstanding success."
    - Christopher R. Jacobs, Biomechanical Engineering Division, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, California, in Journal of Biomechanics

    "The original version of Bone Mechanics was one of the most valuable resources for scientists and engineers working in skeletal mechanics. Since the publication of the previous book in 1989, the field of skeletal mechanics has expanded enormously. In the new edition, Stephen Cowin has captured this expansion and included many new and exciting topics. Advanced mechanics and the integration of bone mechanics with cell biology, genetics, imaging, and adaptation are covered in a thorough and up to date manner. Chapters are written by leaders in the various fields. This new edition of Bone Mechanics will prove to be a tremendous resource for both educators and researchers."

    -Elizabeth R. Meyers, Ph.D., Associate Scientist and Associate Professor, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, New York, USA

    "Dr. Cowin has assembled an outstanding field of contributors to this volume…truly leaders in their respective fields…The volume itself is as impressive as its contributors are…As a practicing orthopaedic surgeon as well as a bone researcher, this text will be an irreplaceable addition to my library…"

    -Mathias P.G. Bostrom, M.D., Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, New York, USA

    "This is an outstanding publication that provides up-to-date data on bone structure and function. The information presented in this book is a review of hundreds of published papers and articles. In my opinion this book will be of great benefit to researchers, residents, and physicians interested in bone research and bone disease…3 Stars."
    - Riad Barmada, MD, University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine