1st Edition

Mechanical Testing of Bone and the Bone-Implant Interface

Edited By Yuehuei H. An, Robert A. Draughn Copyright 2000

    The mechanical properties of whole bones, bone tissue, and the bone-implant interfaces are as important as their morphological and structural aspects. Mechanical Testing of Bone and the Bone-Implant Interface helps you assess these properties by explaining how to do mechanical testing of bone and the bone-implant interface for bone-related research.
    Articles explore the basic mechanical principles of bone-related study and how to conduct mechanical testing of bone specimens. More practical than theoretical, the text includes 42 chapters in three sections that cover mechanical properties of bone, general considerations of mechanical testing, basic facilities and instruments for mechanical testing; mechanical testing procedures on bone tissues; and mechanical testing procedures on the implant-bone interface. There are approximately three hundred illustrations, including line drawings, diagrams, tables, and photographs.
    Mechanical Testing of Bone and the Bone-Implant Interface is the most concise, straightforward, and in-depth treatment ever to be published - long needed by the orthopedic and bone research communities.

    Basic Composition and Structure of Bone
    -E. Bonucci
    Basic Concepts of Mechanical Property Measurement and Bone Biomechanics
    -Y. H. An and W. R. Barfield and R. A. Draughn
    Mechanical Properties of Bone
    -Y.H. An
    Factors Affecting Mechanical Properties of Bone
    -P. Zioupos, C. W. Smith, and Y. H. An
    Basic Facilities and Instruments for Mechanical Testing of Bone
    -C.V. Bensen and Y.H. An
    Methods of Evaluation for Bone Dimensions, Densities, , Morphology, and Structures
    -Y.H. An, W. R. Barfield and I. Knets
    General Considerations of Mechanical Testing
    -Y.H. An and C.V. Bensen
    A Hierarchical Approach to Exploring Bone Mechanical Properties
    -C. E. Hoffler, B. R. McCreadie, E. A. Smith, and S. A. Goldstein
    Nondestructive Mechanical Testing of Cancellous Bone
    -F. Linde and I. Hvid
    Synthetic Materials and Structures Used as Models for Bone
    -J. A. Szivek
    Tensile and Compression Testing of Bone
    -T. S. Keller and M. A. Liebschner
    Bending Tests of Bone
    -M. J. Lopez and M. D. Markel
    Torsional Testing of Bone
    -B. Furman and S. Saha
    Indentation Testing of Bone
    -B. E. McKoy, Q. Kang and Y. H. An
    Penetration Testing of Bone Using an Osteopenetrometer
    -I. Hvid and F. Linde
    Microhardness Testing of Bone
    -S. S. Huja, T. R. Katona, and W. E. Roberts
    Nanoindentation Testing of Bone
    -J. Y. Rho and G. M. Pharr
    Single Osteon Micromechanical Testing
    -M. G. Ascenzi, A. Benvenuti, and A. Ascenzi
    Micromechanical Testing of Single Trabeculae
    -P. L. Mente
    Strain Gauge Measurements from Bone Surfaces
    -J. A. Szivek and V. M. Gharpuray
    Screw Pullout Test for Evaluating Mechanical Properties of Bone
    -M. S. Crum, F. A. Young, Jr., and Y. H. An
    Viscoelastic Properties of Bone and Testing Methods
    -N. Sasaki
    Observation of Material Failure Mode Using a SEM with a Built-in Mechanical Testing Device
    -R. M. Wang and Y. H. An
    Ultrasonic Methods for Evaluating Mechanical Properties of Bone
    -J. Y. Rho
    Evaluating Mechanical Properties of Bone Using Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
    -C. H. Turner and J. L. Katz
    Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography for Evaluating Structural and Mechanical Properties of Small Bone
    -J. L. Ferretti
    Computer Modeling for Evaluating Trabecular Bone Mechanics
    -R. Saxena and T. S. Keller
    Factors Affecting the Strength of the Bone-Implant Interface
    -B. E. McKoy, Y. H. An and R. J. Friedman
    Implant Pushout and Pullout Test
    -A. Berzins and D. R. Sumner
    The Validity of a Single Pushout Test
    -W. J. A. Dhert and J. A. Jansen
    Tensile Testing of Bone-Implant Interface
    -T. Nakamura and S. Nishiguchi
    Fracture Toughness Tests of the Bone-Implant Interface
    -X. Wang, K. A. Athanasiou, and C. M. Agrawal
    In Vitro Measurements of Implant Stability
    -A. Berzins and D. Sumner
    In Vitro Testing of the Stability of Acetabular Components
    -J. R. Davis, R. A. Lofthouse, and R. H. Jinnah
    In Vitro Testing of the Stability of Femoral Components
    -S. H. Naidu, F. M. Khoury and J. M. Cuckler
    Screw Pullout Test
    -L. A. Ferrara and T. C. Ryken
    Finite Element Analysis for Evaluating Mechanical Properties of the Bone-Implant Interface
    -K. R. Williams
    Fatigue Testing of Bioabsorbable Screws in a Synthetic Bone Substrate
    -W. S. Pietrzak, D. R. Sarver, and D. H. Kohn
    Testing Intervertebral Stability after Spinal Fixation
    -K. S. James and A. U. Daniels


    Yuehuei H. An, Robert A. Draughn