1st Edition

Soil Biota and Ecosystem Development in Post Mining Sites

Edited By Jan Frouz Copyright 2014
    316 Pages 83 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book focuses on soil development in restoration of post‐mining sites. In particular, the authors address the role of biota, including plants, microorganisms, invertebrates, and their various interactions during the process of soil formation. The book largely deals with sites created by open‐cast mining, as this method represents a very destructive and, at the same time, intensively studied example of a mining operation. This book is a useful summary of recent knowledge for scholars dealing with ecosystem development after large disturbances as well as for practitioners dealing with reclamation and restoration of post‐mining land.

    Geological Substrates and Heaping Process of Coal Mining Operations in the Sokolov Basin, Czech Republic: Implications for Reclamation and Soil Development,
    Petr Rojík
    Humus Accumulation and Humification during Soil Development in Post-Mining Soil, Evgenij Abakumov and Jan Frouz
    Vegetation Development in Central European Coal Mining Sites, Karel Prach
    Biological Soil Crusts in Post-Mining Areas, Alena Lukešová, Martina Zahradníková and Jan Frouz
    Soil Properties and Development of Humus Forms in Pine and Oak Stands of Reclaimed Post-mining Sites in Lusatia: Influence of Lignite from Overburden Sediments and Dust Immissions, Oliver Bens and Reinhard F. Hüttl
    Plant Production, Carbon Accumulation and Soil Chemistry at Post-Mining Sites, Jan Frouz, Petr Dvorščík, Olga Vindušková and Emil Cienciala
    Soil Microflora Development in Post-mining Sites, Jan Frouz, Dana Elhottová, Petr Baldrián, Alice Chroňáková, Alena Lukešová, Alena Nováková and Václav Krištůfek
    Macrofungi in Post-mining Sites, Lucie Zíbarová and Anna Lepšová
    Interactions of Plants with Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi during Ecosystem Development at Post Mining Sites in the Most Coal Basin (Czech Republic), Jana Rydlová, David Püschel, Martina Janoušková and Miroslav Vosátka
    Recovery and Colonization at Post-mining Sites by the Soil Microfauna, L. Háněl, M. Devetter and S. Adl
    Soil Macro- and Mesofauna Succession in Post-mining Sites and Other Disturbed Areas, Jan Frouz, Václav Pižl, Karel Tajovský, Josef Starý, Michal Holec and Jan Materna
    The Role of Soil Macrofauna in Soil Formation and Carbon Storage in Post-mining Sites, Jan Frouz
    Soil Fauna Plant Interactions during Succession at Post-mining Sites, Roubíčková, O. Mudrák and J. Frouz
    Soil Fauna and Soil Physical Properties, Jan Frouz and V. Kuráž
    Mining Land and Similar Habitats: A Barren Land or a New Wilderness in the Cultural Landscape? Tomáš Gremlica
    Soil Biota and Ecosystem Development in Post-Mining Sites - Conclusions and Practical Implications, Jan Frouz


    Jan Frouz