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Creating High Performance Classroom Groups

Creating High Performance Classroom Groups

1st Edition

By Nina Brown
April 20, 2000

Creating High Performance Classroom Groups offers specific strategies for classroom teachers to use in designing and implementing classroom groups and cooperative learning for a wide range of classes. It is an invaluable resource for both pre-service and in-service teachers at the school level....

Secondary Schools and Cooperative Learning Theories, Models, and Strategies

Secondary Schools and Cooperative Learning: Theories, Models, and Strategies

1st Edition

Edited By Jon E. Pedersen, Jon E. Pedersen, Annette D. Digby, Annette D. Digby
January 01, 1995

Original essays by noted scholars explore cooperative learning, curriculum development, and teaching strategies. Focusing on grades 9 through 12, the volume first emphasizes theories underlying the use of selected cooperative learning strategies in secondary schools and then examines strategies and...

Literacy Today New Standards Across the Curriculum

Literacy Today: New Standards Across the Curriculum

1st Edition

By Dennis Adams, Mary Hamm
December 01, 1999

This book defines literacy broadly as it explores concepts within core subjects and shows how to make standards-based literacy the goal and outcome of school reform. It imagines a future digital medium where educational technology is worthy of the spirit our children bring to it. Classrooms and ...

Case Studies in Educational Psychology

Case Studies in Educational Psychology

1st Edition

By Frank Adams
December 27, 2000

Case Studies in Educational Psychology is comprised of 55 diverse and realistic case studies that will shape and compliment any Educational Psychology curriculum. The essays are grouped into 10 well-organized units that address issues ranging from Classroom Management to Moral Development, ...

Telecommunications A Handbook for Educators

Telecommunications: A Handbook for Educators

1st Edition

By Resa Azarmsa
March 01, 1993

The objective of this book is to provide a comprehensive introduction to telecommunications and their applications in teaching and learning. It contains up-to-date information about telecommunications, including the latest hardware and software. It discusses the most recent developments in computer...

Teaching English as a Second Language A Resource Guide

Teaching English as a Second Language: A Resource Guide

1st Edition

By Angela L. Carrasquillo
March 01, 1994

First Published in 1994. Educators will welcome this cohesive and comprehensive volume on the research and practice of teaching English as a second language (TESOL). The author, director of the TESOL program at Fordham University Graduate School of Education, provides a holistic view of the ...

Instrumentation in Education An Anthology

Instrumentation in Education: An Anthology

1st Edition

By Lloyd Bishop
May 01, 1993

Utilizing four broad categories (e.g., organizational analysis) containing 26 secondary areas, the anthology gives researchers and school administrators easy access to existing evaluative instrument types. A critique of each assessment tool is presented, along with comprehensive bibliographies. ...

Teaching Science to Children Second Edition

Teaching Science to Children: Second Edition

1st Edition

By Mary D. Iatridis, Miriam Maracek
March 01, 1993

The past five years have witnessed a proliferation of books on science education for young children. The second edition of this highly regarded work updates original material on textbooks, activities books and science for the special child. Miriam Maracek's new chapter on the role of children's ...

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