1st Edition

Project Head Start Models and Strategies for the Twenty-First Century

    216 Pages
    by Routledge

    216 Pages
    by Routledge

    Following in the footsteps of Project Head Start: Past, Present and Future Trends in the Context of Family Needs (Garland, 1987) this new work addresses current and future needs of young children and their families. A bibliography and index are included.

    Part A Moving Ahead with Head Start; Chapter 1 Project Head Start; Chapter 2 Celebrating Head Start; Chapter 3 A Head Start Primer; Part B Models and Strategies for the Twenty-First Century; Chapter 4 Overview of Models and Strategies for the Twenty-First Century; Chapter 5 Working with Parents; Chapter 6 Substance Abuse; Chapter 7 The Challenge of Involving Men; Part C Issues for the Twenty-First Century; Chapter 8 Overview of Head Start Issues; Chapter 9 What’s Ahead for Head Start;


    Valora Washington, Ura Jean Oyemade Bailey,

    "Project Head Start captures the 'soul' of Head Start as never before told; credits the program for its many contributions to the broad field of early childhood education as no other writing has done; and lastly it challenges the country to build upon and expand this wonderfully successful program." -- Sarah M. Greene, Chief Executive Officer, National Head Start Association
    "Using professional wisdom and real-life examples, Washington's analysis stands as a tribute to the children, families, and employees of Head Start and an inspiration for all of us to work to make this great program better." -- Edward Zigler, Sterling Professor of Psychology and Director, Rush Center in Child Development and Social Policy at Yale University
    "Well-written, with a clear outline, the book not only provides useful and timely information but focuses on the appropriate issues. An excellent annotated bibliography supplements the text. All levels." -- Choice
    "Makes interesting and important reading...a good reference text, a fine acquisition for one's professional library, and could be used as a supplement for courses in Sociology of Education, History of Education, and for a course in Early Intervention." -- Research and Reflection: A Journal of Educational Praxis