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Species and Systematics

About the Series

The Species and Systematics series will investigate the theory and practice of systematics and taxonomy and explore their importance to biology in a series of comprehensive volumes aimed at students and researchers in biology and in the history and philosophy of biology. The book series will examine the role of the study of biological diversity at all levels of organization and focus on the philosophical and theoretical underpinnings of research in biodiversity dynamics. The philosophical consequences of classification, integrative taxonomy and future implications of rapidly expanding data and technologies will be among the themes explored by this series. Approaches to topics in Species and Systematics may include detailed studies of systematic methods, empirical studies of exemplar taxonomic groups, and historical treatises on central concepts in systematics.

Species and Systematics Editorial Board

Sandra Carlson (University of California, Davis, USA)

Marcelo R. de Carvalho (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Darren Curnoe (University of New South Wales, Australia)

Malte C. Ebach (University of New South Wales, Australia)

Anthony C. Gill (The Macleay Museum, The University of Sydney, Australia)

Mark S. Harvey (Western Australian Museum, Australia)

David R. Maddison (Oregon State University, Corvallis, USA)

Ellinor Michel (The Natural History Museum, London, UK)

Olivier Rieppel (The Field Museum, Chicago, USA)

Sonal Singhal (California State University, Dominguez Hills, USA)

Catharine Sole (University of Pretoria, South Africa)

Felix Sperling (Strickland Museum, University of Alberta, Canada

Christiane Weirauch (University of California, Riverside, USA)

David M. Williams (The Natural History Museum, London, UK)

René Zaragüeta i Bagils (University of Paris, France)




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6 Series Titles

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What, if anything, are species?

What, if anything, are species?

1st Edition

By Brent D. Mishler
April 02, 2021

This book is an extended argument for abandoning the species rank. Instead, the author proposes that the rank of "species" be replaced by a pluralistic and multi-level view. In such a view, all clades including the smallest identifiable one would be named and studied within a phylogenetic context. ...

Biological Systematics History and Theory

Biological Systematics: History and Theory

1st Edition

By Igor Ya. Pavlinov
March 26, 2021

This volume reviews the historical roots and theoretical foundations of biological systematics in an approachable text. The author outlines the structure and main tasks of systematics. Conceptual history is characterized as a succession of scientific revolutions. The philosophical foundations of ...

What Species Mean A User's Guide to the Units of Biodiversity

What Species Mean: A User's Guide to the Units of Biodiversity

1st Edition

By Julia D. Sigwart
October 17, 2018

Everyone uses species. All human cultures, whether using science or not, name species. Species are the basic units for science, from ecosystems to model organisms. Yet, there are communication gaps between the scientists who name species, called taxonomists or systematists, and those who use ...

Species The Evolution of the Idea, Second Edition

Species: The Evolution of the Idea, Second Edition

1st Edition

By John S. Wilkins
February 05, 2018

Over time the complex idea of "species" has evolved, yet its meaning is far from resolved. This comprehensive work is a fresh look at an idea central to the field of biology by tracing its history from antiquity to today. Species is a benchmark exploration and clarification of a concept fundamental...

Phylogenetic Systematics Haeckel to Hennig

Phylogenetic Systematics: Haeckel to Hennig

1st Edition

By Olivier Rieppel
June 30, 2016

Phylogenetic Systematics: Haeckel to Hennig traces the development of phylogenetic systematics against the foil of idealistic morphology through 100 years of German biology. It starts with the iconic Ernst Haeckel—the German Darwin from Jena—and the evolutionary morphology he developed. It ends ...

Evolution by Natural Selection Confidence, Evidence and the Gap

Evolution by Natural Selection: Confidence, Evidence and the Gap

1st Edition

By Michaelis Michael
December 09, 2015

A persistent argument among evolutionary biologists and philosophers revolves around the nature of natural selection. Evolution by Natural Selection: Confidence, Evidence and the Gap explores this argument by using a theory of persistence as an intentional foil to examine ways in which similar ...

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