1st Edition

Standardized Work with TWI Eliminating Human Errors in Production and Service Processes

By Bartosz Misiurek Copyright 2016
    212 Pages 35 Color Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    210 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    This book presents what the training within industry (TWI) program is and how its presence affects the understanding of work standardization, focusing on the practical aspects of the implementation of work standardization in the elimination of human errors in manufacturing and service processes.

    Introduction to the Work Standardization Process
    What Is Work Standardization?
    Human Errors: Are They a Problem at Your Workplace?
    Work Standardization as an Effective Approach in the Elimination of Human Errors
    Work Standardization: The Foundation of Lean Management and Training within Industry
    The Role of the Leader in the Work Standardization Process

    Production Process Documentation
    Descriptive Instructions
    Introduction to the Preparation of SWI
    41 Rules for SWI Preparation
    Application of SWIs for Describing Various Operational Processes (TPM, SMED, Etc.)

    Kaizen-Based Improvement of Production Processes
    Kaizen: The Essence of Improvement
    Genesis of the Kaizen-Based Improvement Approach
    TWI JM Construction and the Importance of 5W1H
    Problems in the Joint Application of TWI JM and TWI JI in Production Companies
    The Poka Yoke Generator Sheet
    Work Method Improvement Using the PYGS as Applied to the Example of Tying the Fire Underwriter’s Knot
    System Kaizen and Kaizen Events

    Training Workers
    On-the-Job Training Methods
    Typical Errors during On-the-Job Trainings in Production Companies
    TWI JI Structure
    The JBS as the Essential Element of the TWI JI-Based on-the-Job Trainings
    TWI JI and the Most Common Mistakes during On-the-Job Trainings
    TWI JI-Consistent Training Scenario of Tying the Fire Underwriter’s Knot
    Summary of the Training on Tying the Fire Underwriter’s Knot
    Estimating the Duration of On-the-Job Training
    Calculation of the Estimated Instruction Time for Tying the Fire Underwriter’s Knot
    TWI JI Application for Conveying Knowledge, Not Practical Skills: An Introduction to Method Instruction (MI)
    Application of MI to Train the Learner on TWI JI

    Work Standardization Process Implementation and Management
    Step 1: Planning Work Standardization Implementation and Management (PLAN)
    Step 2: Implementation of Work Standardization on Specific Operations of the Selected Pilot Areas (DO)
    Step 3: Checking How the Implementation Leaders Apply Work Standardization in the Chosen Pilot Areas (CHECK)
    Step 4: Maintaining the Work Standardization Process According to TWI (ACT)
    Problems with Work Standardization Implementation

    Practical Workshop Dedicated to Work Standardization According to the TWI Program
    Preparation for Training




    Bartosz Misiurek, PhD, first gained Lean implementation experience in the automotive and food industries. He then continued developing under the supervision of international experts Marek Piatkowski, a former director of Canadian Toyota, and Richard Abercrombie, a former Boeing manager and a consultant of the TWI Institute. Since 2007, he has been responsible at the Lean Enterprise Institute Poland for the transfer of the TWI program from the United States, and then for its development in Poland. He currently is the chief executive officer (CEO) at Leantrix Company, which among others provides computer systems that aid the implementation of TWI programs.