1st Edition

State-Building Theory and Practice

Edited By Aidan Hehir, Neil Robinson Copyright 2007
    220 Pages
    by Routledge

    216 Pages
    by Routledge

    This study brings together internationally renowned academics to provide a detailed insight into the theory and practice of state-building.

    State-building is one of the dominant themes in contemporary international relations. This text addresses both the theoretical logic behind state-building and key practical manifestations of this phenomenon. Unlike ‘how-to’ manuals that seek to identify best practice, this book interrogates the normative assumptions inherent in this practice and the manner in which state-building impacts on contemporary international relations.

    The logic of state-building is explored and analyzed providing insight into the historical context that catalyzed this process, the relationship between international law and the practice of international administration, and the political ramifications and implications of external governance. Case studies on Bosnia, Kosovo and East Timor provide practical examples of key contradictions within the state-building process, highlighting the lack of accountability, democracy and vision manifest in these operations.

    Offering a coherent critical analysis of an increasingly important international issue, State-Building will appeal to students and scholars of international relations, comparative politics and political theory.

    1. State building and International Politics: The Emergence of a ‘New’ Problem and Agenda, Neil Robinson  2. Colonialism Redux? Territorial Administration by International Organizations, Colonial Echoes, and the Legitimacy of the ‘International’, Ralph Wilde  Chapter 3 Reconstructing Sovereignty, Deconstructing State-Building: The Question of Context, Philip Cunliffe   4. The State-Building Dilemma: Good Governance or Democratic Government?, David Chandler  5. Witnessing the Demise of the Developing State: Problems for Humanitarian Advocacy, Vanessa Pupavac   6. Who Guards the Guardians? International Accountability in Bosnia, Richard Caplan   7. UNMIK - Facilitating Kosovo’s Final Status or its Future Status?: Reconceptualising the Problem, Changing the Solution, Aidan Hehir   8. Building State Failure in East Timor, Jarat Chopra   9. In Praise of Folly: International Administration and the Moral Breakdown of International Society, William Bain   10. Conclusion: From Intervention to Administration, Aidan Hehir


    Aidan Hehir, Neil Robinson