3rd Edition

Stay Tuned A History of American Broadcasting

    1006 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Since its initial publication in 1978, Stay Tuned has been recognized as the most comprehensive and useful single-volume history of American broadcasting and electronic media available. This third edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to bring the story of American broadcasting forward to the 21st century, affording readers not only the history of the most important and pervasive institution affecting our society, but also providing a contextual transition to the Internet and other modern media.

    The enthusiasm of authors Christopher H. Sterling and John Michael Kittross is apparent as they lead readers through the development of American electronic mass media, from the first electrical communication (telegraph and telephone); through radio and television; to the present convergence of media, business entities, programming, and delivery systems, including the Internet. Their presentation is engaging, as well as informative, promoting an interest in history and making the connections between the developments of yesterday and the industry of today.

    Features of this third edition include:
    *chronological and topical tables of contents;
    *new material reflecting modern research in the field;
    *a new chapter describing historical developments from 1988 through to the current day;
    *an expanded bibliography, including Web site and museum listings;
    *an updated and expanded glossary and chronology; and
    *extensive statistical data of the development of television and radio stations, networks, advertising, programming, audiences, and other aspects of broadcasting.

    Designed for use in undergraduate and graduate courses on the history of American mass media, broadcasting, and electronic media, Stay Tuned also fits well into mass communication survey courses as an introduction to electronic media topics. As a chronicle of American broadcasting, this volume is also engaging reading for anyone interested in old radio, early television, and the origins and development of American broadcasting.

    Contents: The Context of Broadcasting. The Prehistory of Broadcasting (to 1919). The Beginnings of Broadcasting (1920-1926). The Coming of Commercialism (1926-1933). Radio's Golden Age (1934-1941). Radio Goes to War (1941-1945). Era of Great Change (1945-1952). The Age of Television (1952-1960). Accommodation and Adjustment (1961-1976). Challenge and Competition (1977-1988). Change and Evolution (1988-2001). Lessons From the Past for the Future. Appendices: A Short Chronology of American Broadcasting. Glossary. Historical Statistics on Broadcasting. Selected Bibliography.

    "...Sterling and Kittross do an admirable job developing a cohesive and complete historical review of the industry....Its tight focus on the industry allows for a depth of information that is exceptional....an excellent textbook for an upper level class in a degree program focused on preparing students to work in the broadcasting industry or a graduate-level broadcasting history class....the book should be considered a required reference for any scholar interested in broadcasting."
    Mass Communication and Society

    "In their third edition of Stay Tuned, long the most helpful and comprehensive single-volume history of broadcasting available, Christopher Sterling and John Michael Kittross bring readers up to date on the major trends and developments since their last edition in 1990."
    Communication Research Trends.

    "Stayed Tuned is designed to be used as a text for a college or university course, but it is so thorough in its coverage and so well-organized that it can be used several other ways. The text can be used as a chronology (what happened and when) or as a history (what happened and why)....if you're looking for detailed, balanced introductions to virtually all other aspects of American broadcasting this will be a welcome find."
    The Oldtimer's Bulletin

    "The authors of this volume went to great lengths to structure their wealth of information into a topical and historical frame. This effort makes reading it a pleasure right from the outset...Both authors have condensed their insight into broadcasting history into this one volume and their passion in pursuing this task can be felt throughout."
    The International Journal on Media Management

    "...an excellent textbook for a history of broadcasting course, and could serve a variety of other courses as a main or supplemental text....much of the pleasure of reading this book lies in the view it affords of the establishment and evolution of a form of mass culture in the United States. Contemporary photographs, advertising, and programming excerpts provide insights into 20th-century American history as much as they provide insights into the history of broadcasting."

    "Stay Tuned is the best single-volume history of American broadcasting in print!"
    Michael C. Keith
    Boston College