1st Edition

Storying the World The Contributions of Carl Leggo on Language and Poetry

Edited By Rita Irwin, Erika Hasebe-Ludt, Anita Sinner Copyright 2019

    Bringing together Carl Leggo’s most significant contributions over the past 30 years, this book celebrates his work in curriculum studies, English language arts, literacy and life writing, poetry, and arts education. Organized around three thematic sections—Loving Language, Narrating Ruminations, and Storying the World—the volume highlights his efforts across interrelated fields of inquiry, including narrative and poetic inquiry, contemplative inquiry, and social fiction. The text extends the discussion and conversation of curriculum studies and is greatly enhanced with a selection of original poetry by this incomparable poet, scholar, and teacher. Carl Leggo is renowned not only for his ground-breaking work at the University of British Colombia, but also for his tremendous influence on graduate education across the English-speaking world. This volume honours that immense contribution in today’s time of academic change and development.


     Loving Language

    The Many-Splendored "Words in Love" in Carl Leggo’s Curricular Worlds

    by Erika Hasebe-Ludt

    1. Loving Language: Poetry, Curriculum, & Ted T. Aoki
    2. Carl Leggo

    3. The Faces of Love: The Curriculum of Loss
    4. Carl Leggo

    5. A Poem Can: Poetic Encounters
    6. Carl Leggo

    7. Challenging Hierarchy: Narrative Ruminations on Leadership in Education
    8. Carl Leggo

    9. Living Love: Confessions of a Fearful Teacher
    10. Carl Leggo

    11. Lifewriting: A Poet’s Cautionary Tale
    12. Carl Leggo


      Narrating Ruminations

      Storying my Ruminations by Rita L. Irwin

    13. Narrative Inquiry: Attending to the Art of Discourse
    14. Carl Leggo

    15. Learning by Heart: A Poetics of Research
    16. Carl Leggo

    17. The Heart of Pedagogy: On Poetic Knowing and Living
    18. Carl Leggo

    19. The Curriculum of Joy: Six Poetic Ruminations
    20. Carl Leggo

    21. Light and Shadow: Four Reasons for Writing (and Not Writing) Autobiographically
    22. Carl Leggo

    23. The Poet’s Corpus: Nine Speculations
    24. Carl Leggo

      Storying the World

      Lined Lives in a Box of Keepsakes by Anita Sinner

    25. The Curriculum of Becoming Human: A Rumination
    26. Carl Leggo

    27. Research as Poetic Rumination: Twenty-six Ways of Listening to Light
    28. Carl Leggo

    29. Writing the Unwritten Sentence: Living Poetically with Teachers and Students
    30. Carl Leggo

    31. The Story Always Ends with etc.: Autobiography and Poetry
    32. Carl Leggo

    33. Storing the Word/Storying the World

                 Carl Leggo



    Rita L. Irwin is Distinguished University Scholar and Professor of Art Education in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy at The University of British Columbia, Canada.

    Erika Hasebe-Ludt is Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge, Canada.

    Anita Sinner is Associate Professor of Art Education in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University, Canada.