1st Edition

Strategies for Green Organic Synthesis

By V. K. Ahluwalia Copyright 2012
    350 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book focuses on green conditions, such as reactions under microwave irradiation, sonication, and the use of different green solvents and green catalysts such as PTC and crown ethers. It covers two of the most important carbon-carbon bond forming reaction: the Baylis-Hillman reaction and the Friedal-Crafts reaction. In addition to discussing normal conditions, the author also details the use of microwaves in water, ionic liquids, and PEG for the former as well as details of the aqueous phase, super critical C02, other green solvents and microwave irradiation for the latter. The text also addresses reactions in the solid state on photo irradiation and enzymes.

    Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation
    Carbon-Oxygen Bond Formation
    Nitrogen-Nitrogen Bond Formation
    Carbon-Halogen Bond Formation
    Carbon-Sulphur Bond Formation
    Interconversion of Functional Groups
    Protecting Groups
    Retro Synthesis
    Asymmetric Synthesis (Enantioselective Synthesis)


    Ahluwalia, V. K.