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Strategy and History

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This new series will focus on the theory and practice of strategy. Following Clausewitz, strategy has been understood to mean the use made of force, and the threat of the use of force, for the ends of policy. This series is as interested in ideas as in historical cases of grand strategy and military strategy in action. All historical periods, near and past, and even future, are of interest. In addition to original monographs, the series will from time to time publish edited reprints of neglected classics as well as collections of essays.

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Thomas Schelling and the Nuclear Age Strategy as Social Science

Thomas Schelling and the Nuclear Age: Strategy as Social Science

1st Edition

By Robert Ayson
August 24, 2004

An illuminating insight into the work of Thomas Schelling, one of the most influential strategic thinkers of the nuclear age. By the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the United States' early forays into Vietnam, he had become one of the most distinctive voices in Western strategy. This ...

Strategy for Chaos Revolutions in Military Affairs and the Evidence of History

Strategy for Chaos: Revolutions in Military Affairs and the Evidence of History

1st Edition

By Colin Gray
July 26, 2004

In this volume, Professor Colin Gray develops and applies the theory and scholarship on the allegedly historical practice of the 'Revolution in Military Affairs' (RMA), in order to improve our comprehension of how and why strategy 'works'.The author explores the RMA hypothesis both theoretically ...

The Nature of War in the Information Age Clausewitzian Future

The Nature of War in the Information Age: Clausewitzian Future

1st Edition

By David J. Lonsdale
July 21, 2004

There has been a great deal of speculation recently concerning the likely impact of the 'Information Age' on warfare. In this vein, much of the Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) literature subscribes to the idea that the Information Age will witness a transformation in the very nature of war. In...

The Red Army, 1918-1941 From Vanguard of World Revolution to America's Ally

The Red Army, 1918-1941: From Vanguard of World Revolution to America's Ally

1st Edition

By Earl F. Ziemke
July 06, 2004

Supported in large part by evidence released after the collapse of the Soviet Union, this book follows the career of the Red Army from its birth in 1918 as the designated vanguard of world revolution to its affiliation in 1941 with 'the citadel of capitalism', the United States. Effectiveness of ...

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