2nd Edition

Strength and Conditioning for Young Athletes Science and Application

Edited By Rhodri Lloyd, Jon Oliver Copyright 2020
    414 Pages
    by Routledge

    414 Pages
    by Routledge

    Strength and Conditioning for Young Athletes: Science and Application offers an evidence-based introduction to the theory and practice of strength and conditioning for young athletes. Fully revised and updated, this second edition draws on leading research to offer a holistic approach to training centred on the concept of long-term athletic development and the welfare of the young athlete.

    With 20 new authors and 8 new chapters, the book explores every key topic in strength and conditioning applied to young athletes, including:

    • Growth and maturation
    • Talent identification and talent development
    • Monitoring and assessment
    • Coaching young athletes
    • Motor skill development
    • Strength development and plyometrics
    • Speed and agility development
    • Metabolic conditioning
    • Mobility and flexibility
    • Periodisation and nutritional strategies
    • Injury prevention and wellbeing
    • Developing a holistic programme for young athletes.

    Written by a team of leading international strength and conditioning experts and paediatric sport scientists, the book includes expanded practical guidelines in every chapter to show how the latest scientific research can be applied by coaches to optimise young athletic potential. Including sample training programmes and exercises throughout, this is an essential resource for all students of strength and conditioning or paediatric exercise science, as well as any coach and athletic trainer working with children and young people.

    PART I: Fundamental Concepts of Youth Development

    1. The impact of growth and maturation on physical performance

    Gareth Stratton and Jon L. Oliver

    2. Talent identification

    Kevin Till, Stacey Emmonds and Ben Jones

    3. Talent development

    Craig A. Williams, Jon L. Oliver, Rhodri S. Lloyd and Urs Granacher

    4. Monitoring and assessment of young athletes

    Craig B. Harrison and Mike McGuigan

    5. Coaching Young Athletes

    Rhodri S. Lloyd, Sylvia Moeskops, Brendan Cropley and Avery D. Faigenbaum

    PART II – Development OF Physical Fitness IN YOUNG ATHLETES

    6. Motor skill training for young athletes

    Rhodri S. Lloyd, Sylvia Moeskops and Urs Granacher

    7. Strength and power training for young athletes

    Avery D. Faigenbaum, Duncan N. French, Rhodri S. Lloyd and William J. Kraemer

    8. Weightlifting for young athletes

    G. Gregory Haff and Erin E. Haff

    9. Plyometric training for young athletes

    John B. Cronin and John M. Radnor

    10. Speed training for young athletes

    Jon L. Oliver, Micheál Cahill and Aaron Uthoff

    11. Agility training for young athletes

    Ian Jeffreys

    12. Aerobic and anaerobic training for young athletes

    Jon L. Oliver and Craig B. Harrison

    13. Mobility and flexibility training for young athletes

    William Sands and Jeni McNeal

    PART III: Contemporary Issues For Young Athletes

    14. Periodization strategies for young athletes

    G. Gregory Haff

    15. Nutritional strategies to support young athletes

    Marcus P. Hannon, Viswanath Unnithan, James P. Morton and Graeme L. Close

    16. Reducing injury risk in young athletes

    Paul J. Read, Jon L. Oliver, Greg D. Myer and Rhodri S. Lloyd

    17. Creating a holistic environment for young athletes

    Craig B. Harrison, Joe Eisenmann and Camilla J. Knight


    Rhodri S. Lloyd is a Reader in Paediatric Strength and Conditioning and Chair of the Youth Physical Development Centre at Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. His research interests surround the impact of growth and maturation on long-term athletic development and the neuromuscular mechanisms underpinning training adaptations in youth. He is a senior associate editor for the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research and an associate editor for the Strength and Conditioning Journal. In 2016, he received the Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year award for Research and Education from the UK Strength and Conditioning Association and in 2017 was awarded the Terry J. Housh Outstanding Young Investigator of the Year award from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.


    Jon L. Oliver is a Professor of Applied Paediatric Exercise Science at Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK, and co-founder of the Youth Physical Development Centre. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand, and Strength and Conditioning Research Lead for the Welsh Institute of Performance Science. He has been at the forefront of challenging old and developing new models of youth athlete development, as well as contributing to contemporary national and international position and expert statements on training youth. This has been supported by experimental research examining how growth and maturation interact with the development of physical fitness, responsiveness to training, injury risk, overtraining, and the health and wellbeing of young athletes.