1st Edition

Strengthening Research Capacity and Disseminating New Findings in Nursing and Public Health Proceedings of the 1st Andalas International Nursing Conference (AINiC 2017), September 25-27, 2017, Padang, Indonesia

    Andalas International Nursing Conference (AINiC) is a dedicated conference aimed at researchers in nursing, public health and other health sciences topics. The 1st AINiC 2017 was held in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia, from 25-27 September 2017. The conference theme was "Strengthening Research Capacity and Disseminating New Findings in Nursing and Public Health". This event was successful in bringing together experts, researchers, healthcare professionals, and students worldwide. It was an inspiring occasion for most of the participants and was a great opportunity for research development learning, especially with regard to disseminating new findings in nursing and to stimulate networking of nursing professionals, researchers and educators. The research topics that were presented during the conference have clearly indicated the need for literature development and guidance of clinical practice decisions. We hope this conference has provided ample opportunities for participants to gain a more in-depth understanding of knowledge and renewed perspectives. All these aspects have been acknowledged by the participants during the conference. The 1st AINiC was a rewarding event and we look forward to your attendance and participation in the next AINiC conference that will also provide stimulating research developments, networking and cooperation.

    Keynote speakers

    Challenges and strategies in conducting a health education programme for chronic disease in Indonesia
    H. Malini

    Preparing qualified nurses: Nurse education institutions’ role in providing excellent standards of nurse education, graduate transition and work readiness
    L. McKenna

    Mental health focus: Current global public health challenges
    R. Machmud

    Community health

    Family support in relation to life quality of the elderly with hypertension
    G. Sumarsih, D. Satria & D. Murni

    Comparison of health-promoting lifestyles of male and female student nurses
    R.M. Sihombing & M.G.L.R. Sihotang

    Factors influencing the quality of life of the Minang elderly living in nursing homes: A perspective of Minang culture
    R. Sabri, A.Y.S. Hamid, J. Sahar & Besral

    Health management

    The supervision experience of head nurses in a hospital setting
    D.S. Paramitha

    Development and validation of a Technological Competency as Caring in Nursing Instrument (TCCNI): Learning from the outcomes
    I. Yuliati & J.D. Lorica

    A phenomenological study: The first clinical experience of student nurses in Padang

    Nursing students’ coping mechanisms against bullying during nursing professional practice
    Z.M. Putri, I. Erwina & Y. Efendi

    Maternal health

    Promoting kangaroo mother care practice at home through educational video and nurse-assisted practice
    N. Fajri, Y. Rustina & E. Syahreni

    An ergonomic breastfeeding chair design
    P. Fithri, L. Susanti, I. Arief, D. Meilani & C.T. Angelia

    Minangkabau mothers’ characteristics and breastfeeding self-efficacy in relation to exclusive breastfeeding practice in Padang
    V. Priscilla

    Depression and situational crisis on infertile Minangkabau women
    Y.P. Sari & M.U. Ridwan

    Mental health

    Coping mechanisms and stress levels in thesis writing among nursing students
    F. Fernandes, Dahlia & Basmanelly

    Relationship between coping mechanism and stress level among parents with mentally retarded children at SLB Wacana Asih, Padang
    I. Erwina, D. Novrianda & W. Risa

    Medical and surgical

    Examining the effect of logotherapy on the anxiety levels of cervical cancer patients
    A.R. Ma’rifah, M.M. Budi & R.I. Sundari

    Relationship between duration of intravenous therapy and frequency of intravenous cannula replacement

    Cardiovascular disease risk assessment based on laboratory versus non-laboratory tests: A systematic review
    D. Prabawati & J. Lorica

    Quality of life of cervical cancer patients post chemotherapy
    E.A.F. Damayanti, H. Pradjatmo & W. Lismidiati

    Community knowledge of coronary heart disease in relation to characteristic risk factors
    E.A. Sari & S.H. Pratiwi

    The effect of diaphragmatic breathing exercise on pulmonary ventilation function in patients with asthma: A preliminary study
    E. Afriyanti & B.P. Wenny

    Risk factors associated with hypertension: A case study in Andalas Public Health Centre
    S. Rahmadani, E. Huriani & R. Refnandes

    A retrospective study of the association between the quantity and varieties of fruit consumption with the glycaemic status of patients with type-2 diabetes mellitus
    J. Widiyanto, Isnaniar & T.K. Ningrum

    A dietary assessment of nurses in Klang Valley, Malaysia
    M.R. Ab Hamid, N.I. binti Ahamad Sidek & N. Said

    The effects of structured education on knowledge, attitude and action of patients with a colostomy
    R. Fatmadona, H. Malini & M. Sudiarsih

    Nurse experiences in conducting diabetic foot risk assessment in diabetic patients in hospital in Medan
    Y. Ariani & R. Tarigan

    Nursing education

    The relationship between admission factors and first-semester grade point average in Indonesian nursing students
    C.L. Sommers & S.H. Park

    A systematic review: A tool development process for public health nurses’ competencies
    I. Kusumaningsih & A. Talosig

    A systematic review: Implementation of reflective learning in nursing practice
    J. Purwarini & J. Lorica

    Determinants of nursing licensure examination performance: A literature review
    Y. Siswadi & A. Talosig

    Pediatric health

    The effect of a kaleidoscope on pain relief during a venepuncture procedure in children in Padang, Indonesia
    D. Novrianda, R. Fatmadona & L.B. Safira

    Factors influencing nutritional status of children aged under five based on weight-for-height using the CART method
    H. Yozza, I. Rahmi & H.A. Rahmy

    Factors related to bullying behavior among school-age students in Padang, West Sumatra
    Hermalinda, Deswita & E. Oktarina

    Family-centred care needs of mucositis management in children with cancer
    I. Nurhidayah, H.S. Mediani, S. Hendrawati & A. Mardhiyah

    Analysis of phlebitis occurrence in terms of the characteristics of infusion by nurses in RSI Ibnu Sina Payakumbuh
    L. Fajria, L. Merdawati & Nelviza

    Relationship between self-efficacy and the stress levels of B 2015 programme nursing students when completing their thesis at the faculty of nursing, Andalas University in 2016
    M. Neherta, D. Novrianda & P. Raini


    Hema Malini is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Andalas since 1999. Her works focus on the development of health education program especially for self-management of people with chronic diseases and mixed method design in nursing research. She graduated from Monash University for her Master and Doctorate program. Her current research is in the development of diabetes prevention program and causal modelling for linking the stress, efficacy and self-care among people with diabetes.

    Khatijah Lim Abdullah is an Associate Professor at the Department of Nursing Sciences, Faculty of Medicine; University of Malaya. She has obtained both her BSc in Nursing Studies and Masters in Health Services Management from the University of Manchester UK and her Doctorate from the University of Southampton, UK. Her current research interests are in inter-professional education, nursing practice, patient shared decision making, particularly in non-communicable diseases (NCDs), patient safety and clinical leadership.

    Judith McFarlane, RN, Dr.P.H., is a professor of nursing and the Parry Chair in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at Texas Woman’s University. She speaks with Pulse about her passion for helping people, the roundabout way she began to study violence against women and a new smartphone app to help identify risk for abused women and their children.

    Jeff Evans completed his undergraduate studies at the University Of Wales College Of Medicine in 1989, have a long history of involvement in wilderness emergency care. He joined the University of Glamorgan in 1998 and currently a senior lecturer in disaster health care based in the Faculty of Health Sport & Science. My teaching duties cover both undergraduate and post-graduate programs in general nursing, critical and emergency care, and disaster healthcare. He also has a long standing interest is in the use of simulation in healthcare education, being a founder member of the Health Education Research Group and deputy theme leader for Auster and Unsupported Care Environments research.

    Yanti Puspita Sari is a lecturer at the Faculty of Nursing Andalas University. Yanti focuses her contribution on maternity nursing. Yanti is actively involved in mother-infant health problems through research, community outreach and education. Yanti completed master program on maternity nursing since 2014.