1st Edition

Stress Relief for Teachers The Coping Triangle

By Claire Hayes Copyright 2006
    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    Even the best teachers can feel overwhelmed with the pressures of the job and become prone to anxiety, depression and anger. This book offers teachers an easily implemented and proven approach to dealing with these feelings in a more helpful way, enabling them to cope with taxing situations as well as the day-to-day stress of the classroom. Based on the principles of cognitive-behavioural therapy and on the author’s many years of experience, Stress Relief for Teachers is both a practical guide to feeling better and more in control, and a guide to understanding difficult feelings and how our thoughts, feelings and actions are inextricably linked.

    1. Introduction 2. Teachers, Stress and the ‘Coping Triangle’ 3. Common Stressors in the Classroom: Age, Gender, Ability, Personality 4. Anger, Anxiety and Depression As Reactions to Stress 5. Understanding Anxiety 6. Understanding Depression 7. Coping with Anger, Anxiety and Depression in the Classroom 8. The Theory Behind the ‘Coping Triangle’ 9. From Theory to Practice! 10. Conclusion



    Dr. Claire Hayes is a clinical psychologist and an educational psychologist who has a particular interest in psychoeducational appraoches to helping people prevent and/or cope with difficulties such as anxiety and depression. Her work involves clinical work, lecturing, consultancy, research and writing.

    'An interesting book which contains valuable explanations of how situations generate anxiety. Fascinating case studies give insight to the world of children and their reaction to traumatic experiences, often transferred to daily life in the classroom. The teacher is seen as the focus of these reactions and the person required to attempt resolution but few secondary teachers have the freedom to do this.' - Dorothy M Amos

    'Well worth reading as a carefully researched work on what underlies the behaviour and feelings of both pupils and teachers in stressful situations but could we look for a similar work relating to teenage pupils?' - Dorothy M Amos

    'The depth of knowledge and understanding displayed by Dr. Hayes in her writing is impressive.' - The Irish Psychologist