Structured Biological Modelling : A New Approach to Biophysical Cell Biology book cover
1st Edition

Structured Biological Modelling
A New Approach to Biophysical Cell Biology

ISBN 9780849347726
Published July 31, 1995 by CRC Press
238 Pages

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Book Description

Structured Biological Modelling presents a straightforward introduction for computer-aided analysis, mathematical modelling, and simulation of cell biological systems. This unique guide brings together the physiological, structural, molecular biological, and theoretical aspects of the signal transduction network that regulates growth and proliferation in normal and tumor cells. It provides comprehensive survey of functional and theoretical features of intracellular signal processing and introduces the concept of cellular self-organization. Exemplified by oscillatory calcium waves, strategies for the design of computer experiments are presented that can assist or even substitute for time-consuming biological experiments. The presented minimal model for proliferation-associated signal transduction clearly shows the alterations of the cellular signal network involved in neoplastic growth. This book will be useful to cell and molecular biologists, oncologists, physiologists, theoretical biologists, computer scientists, and all other researchers and students studying functional aspects of cellular signaling.

Table of Contents

Holistic Approaches for Data Acquisition in Cell Biology-The Basis for SBM
Holistic Versus Molecular Biological Methods: A Fundamental Complementarity Between Experimental Strategies
Selected Minimal-Invasive Techniques for Holistic Data Acquisition in Cell Biology
Analytical Light Microscopy
Analytical Electron Microscopy
Further Analytical Techniques with Relevance for SBM
Image Analysis
Cellular Biosensors: Powerful Electrical Devices for the Detection of Biomolecular Signals
Structured Biological Modelling (SBM)-Technique and Applications
The SBM Cycle
Preliminary Remarks about the Modelling of Biological Systems
Structured Analysis
Mathematical Specification of the DFD Model
Stochastic Simulation of the Mathematical Model
SBM Applied to Intracellular Ca2+ Oscillations
The Experimental Basis
Critical Discussion of Minimal Models for Intracellular Ca2+ Oscillations
Microscopic View of Ca2+ Oscillators Represented by Stochastic Models: The Stochastic Two-Pool Oscillator
A SBM Model for Oscillatory Intracellular Ca2+ Waves in Nonexcitable Cells
Minimal Model of the Cellular Signal Transduction Network
The Cell Cycle
Modules of the Intracellular Signal Network
Structured Analysis of Proliferation-Associated Cell Signaling
The Minimal Model of the Mitogenic Signal Transduction Network: Discussion and Outlook
Emergence of Self-Organization in Tumor Biology
Brief Phenomenology of Self-Organized Cellular Structures
Physical Preliminaries
Phase Transitions in Cell Cycle and Neoplastic Growth
Neoplastic Growth as a Process of Cellular Self-Organization?
The Hierarchy of Biological Systems: Microenvironmental Hydrogen Ion Concentration as Central Order Parameter for Invasive Tumor Growth
Summary and Outlook

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