1st Edition

Student Activism, Politics, and Campus Climate in Higher Education

Edited By Demetri L. Morgan, Charles H.F. Davis III Copyright 2019
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    Student Activism, Politics, and Campus Climate in Higher Education presents a comprehensive, contemporary portrait of political engagement and student activism at postsecondary institutions in the United States. This resource explores how colleges and universities are experiencing unrest and in what ways broader sociopolitical conflicts are evident on-campus, ultimately unpacking the political dimensions of student engagement within campus climates. Chapter authors in this book critically synthesize relevant research, illuminate interdisciplinary perspectives, and interrogate how current issues of power and oppression shape participatory democracy and higher education at large. A go-to resource for researchers, faculty, administrators, and student affairs professionals, this text addresses the most intractable challenges facing society and its institutions of higher education.


    Foreword - Gary D. Rhoades



    Section I – Historical and Contemporary Foundations for Student Political Engagement as Activism

    1 Historical and Contemporary Contexts of Student Activism in Higher Education Christopher J. Broadhurst and Angel L. Velez

    2 Activism, Free Speech, and Power
    Nancy Thomas

    Section II – Students as Political Actors: Diverse Strategies & Tactics

    3 Understanding American Conservatism and its Role in Higher Education
    Garrett H. Gowen, Kevin M. Hemer, and Robert D. Reason

    4 Undocumented and Afraid: Expanding the Definition of Student Activism
    Julia Mendés and Aurora Chang

    5 Labor, Resources, and Interest Convergence in the Organized Resistance of Black Male Student-Athletes
    Tomika L. Ferguson and Charles H.F. Davis III

    6 Protecting Muslim Students’ Speech and Expression and Resisting Islamophobia Shafiqa Ahmadi, Mable Sanchez, and Darnell Cole

    7 Student Activism, Resource Mobilization, and New Tactical Repertoires in the ‘Digital Age’
    Charles H.F. Davis III

    Section III – The Role of Non-Student Campus Actors

    8 Politics and Pedagogy in the Classroom: From Rehearsal to Performance
    Amy Wilkinson

    9 A Case Study of Supporting Student Activists at UCLA
    Sy Stokes and Donté Miller

    10 From Resistance to Resilience: Transforming Institutional Racism from the Inside Out Jade Agua and Sumun L. Pendakur

    Section IV – Integrating Student & Institutional Contexts

    11 Student and Administrative Responses to Student Collective Action on Campus
    Devon T. Lockard, Dominique J. Baker, and Richard S.L. Blissett

    12 Making a "Political Contribution" to Campus Climate: Returning to a Political Pedagogy on College Campuses
    Demetri L. Morgan

    Author Bios


    Demetri L. Morgan is Assistant Professor of Higher Education at Loyola University Chicago, USA.

    Charles H.F. Davis III is Assistant Professor of Clinical Education and Chief Strategy and Research Officer of the Race and Equity Center at the University of Southern California, USA.

    "Davis and Morgan have done us a significant service with this volume. Anyone interested in political engagement and student activism, broadly defined, needs to read this book. And anyone interested in re-energizing democratic politics on and beyond our campuses has the opportunity to build on this work, which combines theorizing, analysis, and praxis, to advance a progressive project that collectively works to bend the arc of the moral universe towards justice."
    —From the Foreword by Gary Rhoades, Professor of Higher Education, University of Arizona and General Secretary of the American Association of University Professors

    "Political engagement and student activism are among the most pressing contemporary issues for American colleges and universities. Student Activism, Politics, and Campus Climate in Higher Education is an indispensable resource for administrators and faculty to understand how to navigate the current political climate on campus and fulfill the civic mission of higher education."
    Jon Dooley, Vice President for Student Life and Associate Professor of Education, Elon University