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Studies in Adolescent Development

About the Series

The Studies in Adolescent Development series is published in conjunction with the European Association for Research on Adolescence and is committed to publishing and promoting the highest quality of writing in the field of adolescent development.

The series aims to respond to the recent shifts in the social and ecological environment of adolescents and in the new theoretical perspectives within the social science by providing a range of books, each of which deals in-depth with an aspect of current interest within the field of adolescent development.

Each book focuses on a specific aspect of adolescence and provides either a clear picture of the research endeavours which are currently serving to extend the boundaries of our knowledge and understanding of the field, or an insightful theoretical perspective of adolescent development. The editors encourage publications which represent original contributions to the field.

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Online Peer Engagement in Adolescence Positive and Negative Aspects of Online Social Interaction

Online Peer Engagement in Adolescence: Positive and Negative Aspects of Online Social Interaction

1st Edition

Edited By Nejra Van Zalk, Claire P. Monks
May 27, 2020

This book provides an in-depth insight into what is currently known and relatively unknown about youths’ online peer engagement. It delivers state-of-the-art current reviews of the literature in the field, with a strong coverage of methodological issues in studying online friendships and an ...

Youth in Superdiverse Societies Growing up with globalization, diversity, and acculturation

Youth in Superdiverse Societies: Growing up with globalization, diversity, and acculturation

1st Edition

Edited By Peter F. Titzmann, Philipp Jugert
November 20, 2019

Youth in Superdiverse Societies brings together theoretical, methodological and international approaches to the study of globalization, diversity, and acculturation in adolescence. It examines vital issues including migration, integration, cultural identities, ethnic minorities, and the interplay ...

Psychosocial Development in Adolescence Insights from the Dynamic Systems Approach

Psychosocial Development in Adolescence: Insights from the Dynamic Systems Approach

1st Edition

Edited By E. Saskia Kunnen, Naomi M. P. Ruiter, Bertus F. Jeronimus, Mandy A. E. Gaag
May 14, 2019

Over recent years, it has become clear that group-based approaches cannot directly be used to understand individual adolescent development. For that reason, interest in dynamic systems theory, or DST, has increased rapidly. Psychosocial Development in Adolescence: Insights from the Dynamic Systems ...

Autonomy in Adolescent Development Towards Conceptual Clarity

Autonomy in Adolescent Development: Towards Conceptual Clarity

1st Edition

Edited By Bart Soenens, Maarten Vansteenkiste, Stijn Van Petegem
August 21, 2017

Autonomy is a central feature of adolescent development, playing a key role in adolescents’ psychosocial adjustment. However, opinions differ about the nature and definition of autonomy and so important questions regarding the role of autonomy in adolescents’ development have remained unanswered. ...

The Transition to Adulthood and Family Relations An Intergenerational Approach

The Transition to Adulthood and Family Relations: An Intergenerational Approach

1st Edition

By Elena Marta
June 23, 2015

This book explores the development of a new path of transition between adolescence and adulthood in recent generations. Whereas traditionally the transition into adulthood was marked by a clear and irreversible change in condition, we are now seeing a continuance in the role and...

Siblings in Adolescence Emerging individuals, lasting bonds

Siblings in Adolescence: Emerging individuals, lasting bonds

1st Edition

By Aiden Sisler, Angela Ittel
December 08, 2014

How do brothers and sisters shape one another? Siblings in Adolescence provides a comprehensive overview of the most up-to-date, international empirical research on the sibling bond during the critical adolescent years. The authors examine how the relationship impacts on adolescent development, as ...

A Dynamic Systems Approach to Adolescent Development

A Dynamic Systems Approach to Adolescent Development

1st Edition

Edited By Saskia Kunnen
December 15, 2011

The dynamic systems approach is a rapidly expanding advancement in the study of developmental research, particularly in the domain of adolescent development. It provides a unique way of examining the subject, and this innovative study of developmental processes helps social scientists to translate ...

Deception A Young Person's Life Skill?

Deception: A Young Person's Life Skill?

1st Edition

By Rachel Taylor, Lynsey Gozna
January 25, 2011

This book considers the role of deception during adolescence, and explores the factors which underpin adolescents’ choice to deceive, whether these deceptions will be successful, and the ways in which such lies could be detected. While deception is considered to be antisocial or even pathological ...

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