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Rational Numbers An Integration of Research

Rational Numbers: An Integration of Research

1st Edition

Edited By Thomas P. Carpenter, Elizabeth Fennema, Thomas A. Romberg
December 18, 2015

Until recently there had been relatively little integration of programs of research on teaching, learning, curriculum, and assessment. However, in the last few years it has become increasingly apparent that a more unified program of research is needed to acquire an understanding of teaching and ...

A Focus on Fractions Bringing Research to the Classroom

A Focus on Fractions: Bringing Research to the Classroom

2nd Edition

By Marjorie M. Petit, Robert E. Laird, Edwin L. Marsden, Caroline B. Ebby
July 27, 2015

A Focus on Fractions is a groundbreaking effort to make the mathematics education research on how students develop their understanding of fraction concepts readily accessible and understandable to pre- and in-service K– 8 mathematics educators. Using extensive annotated samples of student work, as ...

Becoming a Reflective Mathematics Teacher A Guide for Observations and Self-Assessment

Becoming a Reflective Mathematics Teacher: A Guide for Observations and Self-Assessment

3rd Edition

By Alice F. Artzt, Eleanor Armour-Thomas, Frances R. Curcio, Theresa J. Gurl
June 17, 2015

Ideal for preservice mathematics teachers who are taking methods courses or are student teaching, this research-based, activity-oriented guide offers a highly effective framework for teacher reflection and self-assessment. Highlighting inquiry-based, learner-centered teaching and grounded in a ...

Transnational and Borderland Studies in Mathematics Education

Transnational and Borderland Studies in Mathematics Education

1st Edition

Edited By Richard S. Kitchen, Marta Civil
April 23, 2015

Every year, significant numbers of immigrant children from Mexico enter classrooms in the United States. These immigrants comprise a heterogeneous group of students with diverse needs, abilities, and experiences. Transnational and Borderland Studies in Mathematics Education is the first ...

Learning and Teaching Early Math The Learning Trajectories Approach

Learning and Teaching Early Math: The Learning Trajectories Approach

2nd Edition

By Douglas H. Clements, Julie Sarama
April 14, 2014

In this important book for pre- and in-service teachers, early math experts Douglas Clements and Julie Sarama show how "learning trajectories" help diagnose a child’s level of mathematical understanding and provide guidance for teaching. By focusing on the inherent delight and curiosity behind ...

Beyond Classical Pedagogy Teaching Elementary School Mathematics

Beyond Classical Pedagogy: Teaching Elementary School Mathematics

1st Edition

Edited By Terry Wood, Barbara Scott Nelson, Janet E. Warfield
May 01, 2001

The emergence of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards in 1989 sparked a sea change in thinking about the nature and quality of mathematics instruction in U.S. schools. Much is known about transmission forms of mathematics teaching and the influence of this teaching on students'...

How Chinese Teach Mathematics and Improve Teaching

How Chinese Teach Mathematics and Improve Teaching

1st Edition

Edited By Yeping Li, Rongjin Huang
June 19, 2013

How Chinese Teach Mathematics and Improve Teaching builds upon existing studies to examine mathematics classroom instruction in China. It combines contributions from Chinese scholars with commentary from key Western scholars to offer a truly systematic examination of some important and distinctive ...

The Development of Arithmetic Concepts and Skills Constructive Adaptive Expertise

The Development of Arithmetic Concepts and Skills: Constructive Adaptive Expertise

1st Edition

Edited By Arthur J. Baroody, Ann Dowker
January 01, 2003

This volume focuses on two related questions that are central to both the psychology of mathematical thinking and learning and to the improvement of mathematics education: What is the nature of arithmetic expertise? How can instruction best promote it? Contributors from a variety of specialities,...

Statistical Literacy at School Growth and Goals

Statistical Literacy at School: Growth and Goals

1st Edition

By Jane M. Watson
June 23, 2006

This book reveals the development of students' understanding of statistical literacy. It provides a way to "see" student thinking and gives readers a deeper sense of how students think about important statistical topics. Intended as a complement to curriculum documents and textbook series, it is ...

Mathematical Reasoning Analogies, Metaphors, and Images

Mathematical Reasoning: Analogies, Metaphors, and Images

1st Edition

Edited By Lyn D. English
July 01, 1997

How we reason with mathematical ideas continues to be a fascinating and challenging topic of research--particularly with the rapid and diverse developments in the field of cognitive science that have taken place in recent years. Because it draws on multiple disciplines, including psychology, ...

Mathematics Teachers in Transition

Mathematics Teachers in Transition

1st Edition

Edited By Elizabeth Fennema, Barbara Scott Nelson
May 01, 1997

This book addresses the need of professional development leaders and policymakers for scholarly knowledge about influencing teachers to modify mathematical instruction to bring it more in alignment with the recommendations of the current reform movement initiated by the National Council of Teachers...

The Emergence of Mathematical Meaning interaction in Classroom Cultures

The Emergence of Mathematical Meaning: interaction in Classroom Cultures

1st Edition

Edited By Paul Cobb, Heinrich Bauersfeld
May 01, 1995

This book grew out of a five-year collaboration between groups of American and German mathematics educators. The central issue addressed accounting for the messiness and complexity of mathematics learning and teaching as it occurs in classroom situations. The individual chapters are based on the ...

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